An Evening with Google Women Techmakers at BARTLETT HALL, Union Square, San Francisco

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

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Bartlett Hall Menu

An Evening with Google Women Techmakers at BARTLETT HALL, Union Square, San Francisco

“Maybe they’ll give away NEST to everyone this year. They’ve been big on promoting it so far.” A software engineer from India said as she took a small sip of the house red wine.

“Or they could give us an Android-powered car each.” I remarked, hearing a few chuckles from the table, our ideas on what Google could be giving away each year to all attendees getting more farfetched by the minute. After all, everyone took home two Android smart watches last year. Yes, not one. But TWO.

As an attendee to the Google I/O 2015, I had the privilege of dining with some of the world’s brightest women techmakers. This year Google Women Techmakers organized dinners at Lulu and at Bartlett Hall. I felt blessed to be seated next to very intelligent UX designers, software engineers, product managers who are all working with top companies and startups in the entire world. Google I/O is more than just a developer conference, but people converge to collaborate on making the world a better place through technology. As a digital product manager, what I love about Google is that it doesn’t create products for the purpose of having products in the ecosystem, but products they create have value in every day lives of the people.

It was a night to sit back, relax and enjoy the dimly lit lighting at Bartlett Hall, one of Union Square’s popular gastropub notorious for their generous, “family-size” servings especially during the holiday season. If you’re looking for a place that doesn’t scream too much of a fine dining atmosphere and allows you to enjoy more of the company of your friends over the food, then Bartlett Hall is the perfect venue for you.

Google Women Techmakers menu

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Shishito Peppers and Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Some Shishito Peppers to start the evening, the salty, citrusy lime taste makes it incredibly addicting and best paired proudly with San Francisco’s wine from Napa Valley vineyards.

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Lucinato Kale Salada

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Frisee, roasted walnuts, fried brussel sprouts, cauliflower, clothbound cheddar, pickled onions, maple vinegar, extra virgin olive oil

This is one of the best salads I ever had. This must be my first time eating the Frisee vegetable, the tangy freshness of the vegetable when munched with the crunchy walnuts makes it a fun salad to eat. I loved the maple vinegar, and EVOO mixed dressing, and it doesn’t come across as a boring salad.

Roasted Chicken

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Roasted chicken thighs, fresh herbs, salsa verde, roasted rosemary new potatoes

I love Bartlett Hall’s roasted chicken, as this disproves the whole “don’t order chicken at restaurants for dinner” rule. The meat was fragrant and tender, and not even my seatmate’s interesting demo about the Dropcam product could stray my attention away from the chicken.

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Showing me the demo of the Dropcam app which allows her to bark out instructions at home through the app, I found the product more interesting than ordinary surveillance cameras that doesn’t really do much.

Brentwood Farms Corn

Smoke Paprika butter, Cilantro, fried black pepper, and grey salt

Bartlett Hall’s Brentwood Farms Corn is not your ordinary corn on a cob side dish, the sweetness making it the perfect side dish to the Roasted Chicken Thigh.

Pasta Rosea

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

When I said Bartlett Hall serves family sized meals, then this is what it looks like! The women techmakers can’t finish the entire thing!

But it was a good pasta dish. You know me. I don’t say no to pasta.

Buttermilk Panna Cotta

Bartlett Hall San Francisco 7

Three wine glasses later, the simple dessert was a trojan horse to our satisfied tummies. We’re surprised at how the simple dessert overtook our tastebuds with its creamy, not too sweet flavor, and in turn was the perfect epilogue to the entire dinner.

The conversation carried on through the evening, a banter of ideas and exchange of cards (and LinkedIn requests) shuffled along the way, and our small tentative bites became more and more ravenous as we got to be more comfortable with each other. That’s the power of food, and Bartlett Hall is popular because of its ability to make customers at ease with their experience. The food made it relatively easier for people who have just met to mingle. I had a great time meeting people who are from other parts of the world, and getting to know what makes them work hard every day. But as the night grew dark, we must go their separate ways, as we have to be ready early in the morning for the much awaited Keynote of this year’s Google I/O 2015 conference.

As for me and my friend, we still had the Intel After Hours Party to hit and five more food trucks to raid. But that’s another story to tell.