Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge

Cerchio is tucked inside a very small street in Quezon City. If you’re familiar with Mesa, Classic Cuisine, Benny’s and many other Asian Fusion restaurants, this restaurant shouldn’t be a stranger to you. And the price points are reasonable enough to enjoy with your family.


Bear with my photos. Filipino cuisine isn’t easy to capture in photography. More often, the dishes looks pale and uninteresting. But no doubt, it’s delicious and adventurous

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads by Cerchio

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads by Cerchio

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads

Their best seller is the Singaporean Squid Heads which has a sweet, crunchy taste to it.


I find my teeth wrestling in the bits of squid since I’m not big when it comes to squid.

Another bestseller is their Crispy Catfish, which for you readers who love eating at Mesa, isn’t far away from their Crispy Tilapia with four kinds of sauce. Cerchio has three kinds though, served with a tomato ensalada. Benny’s offers the same dish with their Crispy Pla-Pla.

Crispy Catfish

Crispy Catfish with three kinds of sauce by Cerchio

Crispy Catfish by Cerchio

If you want proof that Filipino dishes aren’t photogenic at all, here is Cerchio’s grilled Kare-Kare dish. I can’t blame them for putting it this way. All the ingredients are at the bottom of this small orange kiddie pool.

Grilled Kare Kare by Cerchio

Grilled Kare Kare by Cerchio

(I did my best. But perhaps, I still need to improve my photography skills. Though you have to know, Filipino cuisine is my least favorite to photograph.)

And here is their Binagoongan Beef Ribs with Kangkong. (For the our readers who do not understand Tagalog, this dish can be likened to cooking beef ribs in ground shrimp paste.)

Binagoongan Beef Ribs by Cerchio

Binagoongan Beef Ribs by Cerchio

Overall, I would recommend Cerchio to our readers who aren’t familiar with Filipino cuisine and be up close on how the dishes mix well with other Asian touches.

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