• Jonathan Trappe

    Miserable. An absolutely incompetent representation of the New York Dean Deluca. It is as though the kitchen staff have been shown pictures of the food they are trying to make, but have never tasted it themselves before trying to prepare it for guests. The result is an unfortunate collision of Filipino cooking and the original Dean Deluca that was never intended. The food ends up having more in common with Jollibee than the New York eatery. A flock of disorganized staff swarms around; it seems they have no idea where to go, or what to do. Then, there is the matter of simply stocking the restaurant for simple demands. Three times, on three visits, an order of a bagel with cream cheese failed to produce either. “Out of stock” was the empty reply. The pizzas suffered from an unfortunate encounter with an overzealous garlic fanatic. The flow of people and foot traffic is also a disaster, as people trying to line up at the bakery counter overflow into the table area. In an ill-advised attempt to improve the flow, they closed one of the doors, and have what I can only describe as a restaurant bouncer guarding the exit, and turning people around to walk back through the tables and seated guests to get out. In fact, that was the best part of my last visit: getting out.

    • Couldn’t agree more; the staff appeared to be flustered 99% of the time. This goes to show that one must think, not twice, but thrice in opening a restaurant; moreso, opening a restaurant with such a huge brand as Dean & DeLuca. And as it was opened by a mining mogul, we can’t expect it to fare better than the others.

  • Linda Lim Marty

    Disappointing dinner at Dean and DeLuca. The soup arrived before the bread. The tapa tasted more like tocino, the poached egg was over cooked, and the rice was too green from what must have been over processed parsley. To top it off, the pork chop never made it to the table.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Linda! Hope Dean & DeLuca fixes their problems soon. It’s getting out of hand.