HEYTEA, ION Orchard, Singapore 喜茶

HEYTEA ION Orchard review

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, Singapore 238801
Official Website: heytea.com
Stores Worldwide
Instagram: heytea

HEYTEA, ION Orchard, Singapore

When HEYTEA opened in Singapore, all hell breaks loose. It seems this island can’t get enough of bubble tea, and HEYTEA’s line on its opening day was so ridiculous, it had a queue for a queue outside the store. HEYTEA originated in Jiangmen City in China back in 2012 as Royal Tea, before changing its name to Xicha, then Hi Tea then HEYTEA. Today it has stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and most of China, plus Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. If I am not mistaken, they popularized those tough plastic cups.

HEYTEA ION Orchard review

I lined up for more than an hour and I was just really curious what it tastes like. If you’re the sort who likes the brown sugar (popularized by The Alley’s Deerioca and Tiger Sugar) and fruit shakes, HEYTEA brings the best of both worlds – or so I presume.

HEYTEA ION Orchard review

It took a good 15 minutes upon ordering the Grapefruit Boom, which was the most Instagram worthy drink on the menu. I lined up right before its 3:00pm peak hours where everyone needs to quench their thirst, so it was the right time to line up at HEYTEA. I would suggest between 1:00 – 2:00pm.

The Grapefruit Boom – SGD 5.90

HEYTEA ION Orchard review

The color is quite pretty, but does it taste good? People on Instagram don’t really say much but post for the sake of posting, which is the problem with social media nowadays. For SGD 5.90, it is a bit expensive, price of a meal itself in hawker centers. The taste wasn’t anything phenomenal and I felt like I was eating sliced grapefruits with slush ice. I had it made 25% sugar because I was cutting down on sugar, so without the sugar, it just tastes like fruit.

Really. I don’t get where they got the inspiration from.