Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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Fireworks time at Hollywood Studios: Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular 9:00pm, Fantasmic 9:00pm
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Hollywood Studios is Disney’s answer to its competitor, Universal Studios Orlando. I visited this park last after being in Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. After visiting all of these parks, Hollywood Studios only has one good attraction to offer – Star Wars. The attraction is a temporary venue to soak in all the Star Wars fandom while Disney is building its Star Wars: Galaxy Edge attraction which will open in 2019.

Hollywood Studios Disney 1

Being inside the Star Wars attraction in Hollywood Studios doesn’t disappoint, but it doesn’t impress either. The only part I enjoyed here were the kids dressed as Padawans at Trials of the Temple, which was really cute to see. You will need to reserve early for this though and you can do so through the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Trials of the Temple

Hollywood Studios has all American selection of foods such as Darth Vader shaped waffles and burgers and fries.

Hollywood Studios Disney 2

Hollywood Studios Disney 6

One of their rides includes you being in a cruiser with C3PO as you battle Darth Vader. It was meant for kids and to my opinion, a little low resolution so don’t expect much.

Hollywood Studios Disney 4

You can also build your own droid, create your own iPhone case and buy Jedi robes. And chill with Star Wars wine.

Hollywood Studios Disney 6

Hollywood Studios Disney 6

I’m really looking forward to the 14-acre Star Wars Galaxy Edge attraction at Anaheim and Walt Disney World. There’s a lot of creative juices from the Imagineering team to digest and flying inside the Millenium Falcon will be a really incredible experience, I believe.