• Via Magtoto

    Hi! We’re currently trying to purchase online using your guide and we’re stuck at choosing the time option. Can we contact you through email? Thank you!

  • Deyn

    HI, your guide is really helpful.
    I am facing a problem when purchasing the express 4 pass; the price stated was 大人/子ども/シニア共通価格:¥4,167(税込¥4,500)~ .
    However, after i add it to cart it became 大人/子ども/シニア共通価格¥7,500(税込¥8,100), any idea what happened here?

    • Hello Deyn, I’m glad you found my guide helpful. It’s possible the date you chose has a high rate over other dates, for example, during Halloween. I tried checking for August 19, an off peak day, and got 4167 yen. It’s around 5700 yen for September 24.

  • jfrenaud

    Hi !
    I want to go to Universal in…. 2 days. That’s a monday, but I am just offered the 3 rides Express Pass, does that mean there is only those left ?

    Thanks !

    • Hello there, yes it means the Express 5 & 7 passes are already sold out. You can still try to get tickets to Wizarding World when you’re in USJ. Just pass by the ticket booth right across the JAWS ride

  • Idol Hart

    Hi, fantastic guide – thanks! Just wondering, if I am travelling and can’t print the tickets purchased online, will the QR code on my phone get me in? Can you explain how all that works? Thanks again.

    • Hey thanks for reading my blog. Yes you can still use the QR code on your phone to get in! But maybe I suggest if you can’t print your QR code, then choose the option to pay in Lawson convenient stores so you can pick up the ticket from there. The ticket is also great as souvenir.

      • Idol Hart

        That is a great idea! I just looked at the site using your method, very easy to follow with your instructions. I couldn’t follow how I choose the Lawson’s option, do you know how to do that? Also do you know if you can print express passes at Lawson’s as well? Thanks again 🙂

  • Dety Sirath

    Hi your guide is super awesome! all of the steps work flawlessly, but i need your help a bit though, i kinda stuck in experience time zone section, as the time doesn’t showed up at all. i try to refresh it and it doesn’t budged. what did i do wrong? and also i plan to visit USJ in October which is like 2 months away. Can you help me… thankyou so much for your consideration 🙂

    • Hey there! Can you try a different date? It’s possible the tickets to harry potter have already sold out on that date. Lemme know if that works 🙂

  • Kartik Moorthy

    hi, If i am unable to see the express pass timing, does that means its sold out already for time attractions? How will i be able to get the express for timed attractions then?

    • Hi! Yes they’re probably sold out. Try a different date and see if the time options show up. For that specific date you want, you might want to walk in on the day itself, as there are limited number of express pass tickets that are sold on a daily basis

      • Kartik Moorthy

        Thank you so much. by any chance are you aware the passes that is sold on klook.com?

        • Nope, I’m not sure if it’s legit though! My advice is to be very careful and read reviews on these sites before doing any purchase

        • 공원레지


          Klook’s legit. That’s where I bought my admission ticket and express pass.


  • Ellen Lomas Midgley

    If I bough tickets & an express pass in advance, would I be able to get into the Wizarding World after 1pm? I have a really tight schedule and I honestly wasn’t planning on spending that much time in Osaka, but I REALLY want to see the WW!

    • I know! It’s almost a sin to not visit wizarding world. So how it goes is you purchase an express pass, they would ask you to choose the time when you’ll be entering WW. And depending on availability, the tickets might get sold out too. So I advise you to purchase them early so you have more choices, that way you could plan your itinerary better. Hope that helps!

      • Ellen Lomas Midgley

        Thankfully they haven’t yet sold out on my days! Thank you for your help, this article was really useful when booking through the Japanese site!

        • That’s great! So glad I could help in your trip. Enjoy Japan!

  • Dety Sirath

    hey awesome instruction by the way!
    i need a little bit of help though, i already do all the steps that i need to do and i am ready to make a payment, But after i input my credit card details (i even already inside the bluegate website where you need to put your OTP password number, etc) it always directing back to the page where i need to put my credit card details and told me that my credit card is not available, but the truth is my credit card is available and not expired or any how and i it’s visa card so it should not be any problem right?

    so, is the credit card should be from Japan area only? and also, if i choose to make the payment at Lawson can i pay 2 or 3 days before i go to USJ? because i planned to go to USJ for 24th of October and i arrived in Osaka at 22nd of October. and also can i pay for the express pass at Lawson too?
    i need your help, i’m so desperate, help me 🙁

    • Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

      It shouldn’t be a problem to use international credit cards! I was able to use mine as well. But perhaps you can call your bank and check if your card is allowed to do internet transactions? Sometimes even though you get into the OTP page, they still block internet transactions – or those that have a high amount. Just tell them to allow the transaction!

      Should you decide to pay over Lawson, you have to do it the day you arrive… There’s no advance payment. Hope you get sorted it out soon and enjoy USJ!

      • Dety Sirath

        Ohmygod thankyou for replying my questions! Thank god i already sorted it out, i just try to use several other credit cards and somehow one of it works, I don’t know what happened though. But i guess its because the other credit card didn’t allow me to do huge amount of transactions at once just like you said.

        And also, one more question please. The day when you arrive at the park should you show your ticket & express pass including your passport or other IDs also? or just simply your ticket?
        Because somehow my passport only included my first name & middle name (no last name), but on the admission ticket of USJ i put my first name and last name (no middle name). And i’m afraid that kinda confused them. I hope you can help me for this last question.

        thankyou so much

        • Just show your ticket, bring both of express pass and the USJ tickets!

          If you have any other questions you can message me on Snapchat @candidcuisine !

          • Dety Sirath

            you are such a lifesaver! thankyou so much, i’ll message you on snapchat if i have any other questions 😀

  • Andrew

    Hi! Thanks for your awesome guide which helped us get the tickets.

    i got the tickets for 11am-2pm, and im wondering which rides/places is bound by this timing? do i have to ride all express rides from 11am-2pm, or is it only for harry potter?

    Thanks for your help!:)

    • It’s only Harry potter ride that’s bound by this time 🙂

  • Ivar del Castillo

    Thank you for your blog and we were able to purchase our ticket in advance. Where should we proceed if we already have the QR code for the ticket? What line or booth in USJ should we go to? Is it still advisable to be there before the park opens even if we already have the tickets?

    • Hey there! Yeah, you should definitely still go early since there are lines for the entrance – which basically everyone’s trying to be as early as they can so they can queue for the rides. I would suggest going there around 8am. Park opens at 9am, but check the official website to see if there are changes in opening hours! Enjoy!

  • joan beliran

    I have a question i have tried buying tickets online using your instruction but when i was about to choose a time after purchasing Universal Express Pass 4 to Standard the drop down for me to choose the time is not working? what can i do? does it mean something? thanks!

    • Hi! it means Express Pass 4 – Harry Potter tickets are already sold out for that day. Try a different date!

  • Hufflepaws

    Oh man, your articles about this have been great, and SO helpful! Thank you!
    I’m going to USJ almost exclusively for Harry Potter next month, but I don’t do rides at all (SEVERE motion sickness). Do I need an Express Pass to enter the area even if I’m not going on the rides? Do you think I’m pushing my luck if I just try for a free timed entry on the day (I’m going on a Friday)?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Hey there! I’m glad you liked my articles and you found it helpful!

      Oh I’m not too much of a fan of roller coasters too but the Forbidden Journey was worth it for me! Anyway, I know what you mean. If you want to really be sure that you’ll get inside the Wizarding World, then it’s really an investment to purchase an Express Pass. But really, it’s a waste of money to purchase a pass without using it for the rides. So here’s what you can do — Friday might be a little crowded if it’s peak Autumn, so try to choose an off-peak date and attend early in the morning. That way you have a lot of free time to get the free tickets.

      Hope you have fun and if you have any questions, you can message me on Facebook http://facebook.com/candidcuisine or add me on Snapchat @candidcuisine. Enjoy USJ!

  • joan beliran

    Hi i was wondering what address should i put in the registration for the payment? my address here in the Philippines? and do i need to put my name in Katana? or i can just write it as it is? thanks!

  • Ted James Mendoza

    Hi! Thanks for the info on how to get USJ tickets online. I’m planning to go to Osaka with my family this December (12-18,2016.) and one item on our agenda is a visit to USJ. Question: I noticed you went to USJ sometime in December, was it crowded then? What was the weather like? Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Ted! Thanks for being an observant reader! I actually went during winter in January and the weather isn’t that bad. Compared to Tokyo which is in Eastern Japan, the winds weren’t that cold for me. In my case, temperature went as low as 3 degrees. Best to check the weather forecast for December!

      • Ted James Mendoza

        OK will do. Thanks again.

  • Zen

    Hi! I bought the admission tickets without buying the express passes. Can I buy them separately from the website or anywhere??

    • Hey, yeah you can buy them from the official USJ website separately. I would buy them in advance though!

  • Nina Francisco

    Hi, thanks for the info on how to buy tickets. 🙂 I have a question though, did they automatically charge you for the tickets? We purchased online using a Mastercard debit card and we were able to get the QR codes for the tickets but until now, they still haven’t deducted the payment haha. Not sure if that’s normal.

    • Awesome! It would take some banks several days before payment reflects in your account. Enjoy USJ!

  • kayla

    hi! thanks for the helpful guide! whenever i enter my card, it seems to bring me back to the start wherein i have to input my card info again. i tried with 4 different cards already 🙁 do u have any advice for this? also, would it be advisable to get it from lawson instead?thanks!

  • kayla

    hi! thanks for the helpful info 🙂 i have tried 4 different cards to purchase and they have all not worked, what advice could you give 🙁 also, is the lawson method advisable? i arrive at osaka on the 28th and plan to go to usj on the 29th! pls help! 🙁

    • Oh where are you from? It might be better if you go through the Lawson and pick up your tickets there, and pay over the counter.

  • Eddy Torremans

    Hi, I found your information at your website very usefull. Everything went smooth when we have been trying to purchase 2 admission tickets + 2 express passes untill we tried to get a universal membership account (which I understood is needed to purchase via credit card) ? I got blocked when I had to fill in my zipcode. The system seems to accept only zipcodes of 7 characters. We’re Belgian nationals and our zip just contains 4 digits. There we got stucked. By the way, I can’t understand that we just need to make 1 account to get tickets for 2 people. Is this right ? Are the tickets name-printed ? Thanks for your help. We have booked accommodation at the Universal Port hotel and really wish to buy tickets in advance. We’re there just 1 day. Hope you can shine a light on the issue. Kind regards, Eddy

    • Hey there! I’m glad you found my website useful. That’s odd because my zip code has also four digits. Is that field for your home address or the address where you’re staying in Japan? That could be the reason why it’s only accepting 7 digit zip codes. Try inputting your Japan hotel address into the field. Hope this helps!

  • Khanh Pham

    Your information is very useful. Purchase anything in japan is very tricky for foreigner non-resident in japan.
    I’ve already finish register account but one question please, the QR code will be sent through registed email, right? Because the phone number I filled in is invalid number.
    I just want want to make sure again before making real purchase.
    Thanks a lot
    Khanh Pham

    • Hello there! Your QR codes won’t be emailed to you. Instead these are in your account that you have created in Club USJ. Here you can access your QR codes and print them anytime you like.

  • Eva Samantha Andris

    Dear Vhalerie Lee,
    thank you so much for the super useful information! We’ve just got our admission ticket and universal express ticket online by jp version of the website, thanks to you! and the website to convert the english name to katakana was an awesome suggestion, couldn’t have passed without it. It was a perfect time to find your blog since we’re heading to Tokyo and Osaka next week. Keep blogging, you did a good job… 🙂

    Best regards from Taiwan,
    Eva and Yen-Sung

    • Thank you Eva and Yen-Sung! I am glad to help make your travels easier. 🙂

  • Saski

    Dear Vhalerie Lee..
    Thank You so much for your step by step to buy the admission pass and express pass in JApanese web. I’m planning to go to USJ in Jan 16th 2017, I’m able to buy the admission pass,but the express pass said that the limit is from Dec something until Jan 9th. Does the Jan 16 express pass not open purchase yet? Or I have to search another date? I really hope on your reply 🙂 because I will spend only a day in Osaka just to go to USJ.. thanks so much Vhalerie 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Chauie

    Hello! Thank you so much for your guide. It is so useful! My husband and i are going to Japan for the first time this March and really want to visit USJ, especially WW. I have a question though, i dont have a printer at home, how can i print the QR code? Can i printscreen and print it later? Also what time is best to choose? The earlier times available or the later ones?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hey there, as I’ve said in my article, when you’re going to purchase a ticket, you’ll be asked to create a Club USJ account. That’s where you can download your QR codes anytime you want in case you want to print them later.

      You can choose the option to pick them up at Lawson stores if you don’t have a printer.

      I can’t tell what’s the best time on a specific date. Best to go with whatever is available!

  • Hi Vhalerie, thank you very much for this post. I was able to buy my express pass ticket because of this. I finally made an instruction video on how to buy USJ ticket + express pass online which your readers might find helpful! Feel free to embed or share the video on your post, anyways, here it is: []

  • Ling

    Hi! I was just wondering if you can recommend me the best timing to select for the fastpass to enter WW? Also, by having a fastpass, does that mean that I do not have to get the timed entry ticket to enter WW right after I enter the USJ?

    • Hi! There is no best time for entering WW. You enter as what is indicated in your Express Pass ticket.

      When you get the Express Pass type as I indicated in my article, you automatically get a timed entry ticket to WW. It comes with it.

  • Jadie

    Hi Vhalerie,
    Am I right in understanding that the studio pass is different from the express pass and I have to purchase both if I want to maximize my time in Harry Potter? Please enlighten me. Thank you!

  • Jadie

    HI Vhalerie,
    Thank you for you tips! We find it really helpful. Quick question, do we have to buy express passes separately? In their website it seems we can only buy for one person only. Thank you so much!

  • Jeslin Liao

    Hey there, any idea how i can get the express pass only and time entry ticket? I bought the studio pass with an agency not knowing that the agency ran out of express pass on the day that i have purchased for my studio pass

  • 7se Kouta

    is there any spesific credit card i need to buy the express pass from the japanese website?
    tried 3 cc (all visa) and none of them works (after the getting pass the payment i just get sent hack to the payment page and it said that my cc can’t be used)

    • Hello there! That’s unfortunate. The website accepts all major credit cards including visa, but if you’re trying to purchase them with a high amount and if this is your first time purchasing online, your bank might be blocking your purchase if you did not authorize them over the phone. Try calling your bank first. They might see it as some sort of fraud. Let me know how it goes!

  • Dianne

    Hey there! Your blog post is really helpful. I just want to clarify something:
    1) do I need to buy studio pass, express pass AND timed entry ticket to wizarding world? Or is the timed entry ticket already included in the express pass?
    2) can I just buy the epxress pass immediately? or the studio pass is a requirement before I can purchase an express pass?

    Hoping for your reply!

    • Hello! Glad you found my blog helpful.

      So you need to buy the studio pass + express pass. The express pass contains the timed entry IF there are still available timeslots. They offer that on limited availability. I think you need to buy it at the same time. I tried purchasing express pass before separately and I wasn’t able to. It’s like an add-on. I do recommend buying from Voyagin, especially if you don’t find the timed entry tickets to Harry Potter.

      Enjoy your trip to Japan!

  • Jessica Crameri

    Hi there, great info, another quick question and sorry if you have answered it already, I don’t want an express pass to WWoHP I just want a timed ticket, I’m not going on any rides, do you know how I can just purchase a timed ticket without having to purchase the express pass?

    • You can go to the booth in USJ to get the timed ticket for the day. No assurance you’ll get one if it’s sold out.

  • SC

    Hi! This is such a helpful blog! Thank you so much for this. But may I know where we will be getting the booklet for the express pass? Booked it online, thus getting a QR code. Will I just present it at the entrance gates along with the QR code of my studio pass or do I need to claim the express pass somewhere specifically?

    • The QR code is all you need! make sure you print it in the right paper as indicated in the printing instructions.

  • Zenny


    Thank you for writing this blog! Really informative!

    Just a clarification though (really confused with USJ’s ticket system Haha). I’m just after the WWOHP, to be honest. Do I need to buy the express ticket as well? Or will the day pass + VIP wristband be enough?

    Also, after booking the aformentioned, I have to go to their office to have the vouchers exchanged for actual tickets, did I understand that correctly? Can this be done a day prior to the scheduled date (of ticket)? Or can it only be claimed on the day you wil be going to USJ?

    (Hope I made some sense Haha)

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Zenny

      I’m referring to Voyagin, btw. Sorry, forgot to include that detail 🙂

    • Hi, if you want to get inside Harry Potter you need to purchase express pass. I mentioned in my blog that they run out of free passes sometimes so it will be better to get one. Ticket pickup details will be given to you after purchase.

  • Farhan Wahab

    Hi! Thanks for this post as it’s very helpful.

    The steps were great till it reaches to Step 9 (purchasing of the Express Pass). Instead, the page showed me to this screengrab, which is not what was shown here. Is it because it’s not available for visit in September? Hahaha. So confused.

    Farhan https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9d34b45dda780fdfe9fb5d643e519ae716ae3ca32349dc00e335c903d7b0c61.png

    • Hi Farhan, yes, it’s possible that the Express Pass is no longer available. But you can try checking with Voyagin, the links are above in my article! Sometimes they have it on stock. Best of luck!

  • Ain Radechizen

    hi, thanks for the guide. its really helpful.

    One question, how does the time entry work? whats the difference between say 10.00 – 14.20 and 10.00 – 17.50. do i have longer time to access WW?


    • Oh I’ve never encountered that time frame before. But if that were so, I guess you have a longer time to stay inside