IN N OUT MANILA: Will You Ever Taste Double Double & Animal Style Fries again? [Infographic]

in n out manila philippines infographic

In N Out Manila: Will You Ever Taste Double Double & Animal Style Fries again? [Infographic]

After the much-awaited opening of CaliBurger Philippines last week, there’s one question that everyone’s been asking:

“When is In-N-Out Manila coming to the Philippines?!”

Burger lovers out there must be really getting impatient. In-N-Out is after all the Holy Grail of all burger chains. We are all mouthwatering for In-N-Out’s Double Double and Animal Style Fries. Of course, there’s always CaliBurger’s Cali Double and Wild Style Fries to keep your sensations at bay.

My research about CaliBurger International didn’t stop at:

A California-based Delaware Limited Liability Company with absolutely no branches in the United States (yet) but had a first branch in Shanghai.

I had a massive information overload. So I decided to create an infographic!

In-N-Out versus CaliBurger Infographic: Battle of the Burger Joints

In N Out Manila Philippines infographic

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So right, CaliBurger is a 100% rip-off from In-N-Out burger chain, but Jonathan Wong, a California native and CaliBurger chef, is shameless in admitting it so.

In N Out Manila Pop-Up Store: Soft Market Research or Can’t Open A Store?

in n out manila philippines taguig
Photo Credits: Foursquare: In N Out Manila

Remember the time when In N Out Manila held a pop-up store here in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig last March 2013? Well,In-N-Out had a similar pop-up store in Shanghai. Quite interestingly, in the midst of a legal battle between CaliBurger and In-N-Out, In-N-Out had 600 people massively trying to get their hands on their Double Double and Animal Style Fries. Well, In-N-Out were avoiding expatriates that CaliBurger had been targeting in Shanghai and aiming at the locals.

It would seem that In-N-Out was passing this opportunity as a soft market research and CaliBurger wouldn’t have to call this a sneaky business move as they own the trademark rights in China.

Well, we have to admit, that was one heck of a successful racketeering, marketing move.

CaliBurger International: Smart Business Decisions

Make no mistake, CaliBurger is not some scam operation whose primary motive is to destroy the business of In-N-Out Burger chain. You should know that all 4 founders were knowledgeable with patent and IP laws, and were educated in California Law Schools, so they knew the consequences of their actions.

In all true faith, the lesson learned is for businesses to actually register and enforce their trademarks on places where they have real concrete plans on expanding.

To answer the question I posed at the beginning of this post, I’ll answer with an equally mind-boggling question:

“Did CaliBurger filed Intellectual Property Rights and Trademark in the Philippines?”

I can’t say how strong our IP or trademark system here in the Philippines because I’m not a lawyer! What I’d like to stress is that before CaliBurger opened here in the Philippines, In-N-Out held an extremely successful pop-up store last March 2013 that left our jaws hanging and longing for more.

So, Is it Goodbye to In N Out Manila?

To end this post, I’ll end with another question.

“Can In-N-Out Burger open a franchise here in the Philippines now that CaliBurger Philippines has established its expansion here in the country, with branches in Century City Mall and Timog?”

I’ll leave the answer to our able-minded readers especially those who have background in IP laws in the Philippine constitution.

Source: “Double Double Trademark Trouble: In-N-Out and CaliBurger’s International Burger Brawl” by Bradley Sova, J.D. Candidate for the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii and LL.M candidate at the Tsinghua University School of Law

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