Mario Go Kart and more at the Electric Town in Akihabara, Tokyo

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Mario Go Kart and more at the Electric Town in Akihabara, Tokyo

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Famous for its high-tech attractions, Akihabara in Tokyo has long attracted tech-lovers and geeks keen to experience this futuristic part of the world. Packed full of electronics shops, you’ll discover some of the best high-tech sight-seeing and eating spots in the Electric Town. Here are 5 things you must do when in Akihabara –

1. Multi-Story Game Centers

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One thing Akihabara is known for is its gigantic game centers. These offer games from practically all genres and can be found pretty much all over the area. They don’t just provide a large choice of video games either. Within the multi-story game centers, you’ll find a wide range of entertainment on offer. There are even floors dedicated to photo booths, some of which even provide anime costumes for you to dress up in. One recommended multi-story game center is at Taito Station.

2. Play real life Mario Kart!

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Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? In Akihabara, relive your childhood dream to rent a go-kart and whizz around the Electric Town like your favorite Mario characters with Mario Kart! There are three different courses to choose from and if you want a truly memorable experience you can check out the AB-L course which includes a boat cruise to Tokyo Bay.

3. Dospara VR Paradise

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VR is all the buzz today. If you love virtual reality, you’ll love Akihabara! The Dospara VR Paradise complex is an experience you cannot miss. It provides private booths, so visitors can try out the VR equipment for 30 minutes without everyone watching them. It’s worth noting that you will need to book in advance if you do plan on visiting this popular attraction.

4. Akiba Culture Zone

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Split into three sections, the Akiba Culture Zone is home to some of the most popular stores in Japan. It even boasts a theatre where actors and idols perform and a café where visitors can vote for their favorite performer. You could spend a good few hours here alone with treasures to be found on all floors.

5. Electric Town Shops

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Of course, no visit to Akihabara would be complete without a visit to one of the numerous electrical shops. There’s more electric shops in the area than you’ll know what to do with and they offer everything electric you could possibly need.

Overall, Akihabara is a tech and anime lovers paradise. Everywhere you turn there’s something to marvel over. The above are just some of the best high-tech attractions and sights you’ll want to see.