MU NOODLE BAR 母: Best Asian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant

MU NOODLE BAR: Best Asian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant

Mu Noodle Bar

I am not a fan of fusion cuisine. I’m a purist and a minimalist when it comes to eating. But Mu Noodle Bar just keeps on getting better and better every time I visit. While their noodle soup is not that good, I love all of their dishes. Period.

The “Mu” in Mu Noodle Bar is a Chinese character which means “mother”. At first, I thought this was another ramen place. But after trying this out, it was a far cry from ramen, but in a good way. Mu Noodle Bar specializes in Chinese noodles both in soup and fried form and is probably one of the best fusion cuisine restaurants I have ever eaten in.

I like the ambience of this restaurant. It looks very mysterious. I was able to take a photograph of the hanging lamps, and created an effect of it. I can just imagine the effect of hot noodles’ steam rising up the lamps as you eat your hot bowl of noodles.

Mu Noodle Bar

Mu Noodle Bar

(On a side note, I was surprised to notice local customers who went in the restaurant, sat down, took a look at the menu, then walked out. That’s just sad for some reason. I didn’t realize that it was becoming a culture. To counter this, I hope restaurants would put their menus outside the restaurant.)


For starters, Gyoza is once again on my list. (I can’t seem to fathom how to make Gyoza special. Perhaps I’ll write an entire post once I figure it out!)

Gyoza by Mu Noodle Bar

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup

For their noodles, you can choose between Miso-based or Soy-based, and opt for either thin or thick noodles. I opted for udon-like noodles instead with miso-base. We ordered the Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup. Now this is very Chinese but with a Japanese touch on it. Boy, it was boiling hot when it arrived on our table! I even took a video of it. Right then and there I realized that this wasn’t ramen since ramen needs to be at a simmering temperature, not boiling.

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup by MU Noodle Bar

It was a bit bland to be honest. I didn’t taste the miso until at the bottom. Perhaps the seasoning was too heavy. On a lighter note, I have tried Mu Noodle Bar’s soy ramen noodle soup and it tastes way better than miso noodle soup.

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup by MU Noodle Bar

Pork Tonkatsu

Their Pork Tonkatsu is once again not a winner. It seems nobody can perfect the right Tonkatsu yet.

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup by Mu Noodle Bar

Pork Tonkatsu by Mu Noodle Bar

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup by Mu Noodle Bar

Pork Tonkatsu Noodle Soup by Mu Noodle Bar

Beef Shortribs Bowl

Beef Shortribs Bowl by Mu Noodle Bar

I also ordered their Beef Short Ribs rice bowl. The beef is sweet, and a bit boney on the edges but it reminded me of a tofu barbeque restaurant back in California that has a beef stew.

Beef Shortribs Bowl by Mu Noodle Bar

Taro Cake (Gabi Cake)

Taro Cake by Mu Noodle Bar

One of their must try and bestselling dishes is the Taro Cake. It’s way way more better than the rest I ordered. I highly recommend that you try this dish. It’s fried Taro that’s sauteed with peanuts, cabbages, onions and garlic. This is very Asian Fusion.

Taro Cake by Mu Noodle Bar

Mu Noodle Bar

Mu Noodle Bar

Three Cup Chicken (3 Cup Chicken)

Mu Noodle Bar 3 Cup ChickenMu Noodle Bar 3 Cup Chicken

Mu Noodle Bar’s bestseller is the 3 Cup chicken dish. This is just divine. The flavors all work together that’s sweet, tangy and salty at the same time. Basil leaves are topped in the marinated chicken that comprises of wing parts, drumettes, drumsticks and breast portion ~ hence, three cups.

I have so far tried many Three Cup Chicken dishes in other restaurants such as King Chef, but none that has surpassed Mu Noodle Bar’s expertise in molding the flavors in this dish.

Mu Oyster Cake

Mu Noodle Bar Oyster Cake

Mu Noodle Bar has once again created such a perfect Asian Fusion dish, the Oyster Cake. Topped with cheese, this oyster cake is bound to captivate your taste for Chinese food. I love that they have this sitting atop some crackers to absorb the oil that drips from the oyster cake.

Seafood Chao Mien

Mu Noodle Bar Seafood Chao Mien

Mu Noodle Bar’s Seafood Chao Mien is a delicacy one shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re a noodle person. The serving size is good for 2-3 people, and is topped with fat succulent shrimps and squids that is a good bet for any seafood lover.

Taosi Ma

Mu Noodle Bar Taosi Ma

A tad bit salty though it’s a perfect combination with Mu Noodle Bar’s signature fried rice dishes. I love their Taosi Ma. The serving is small, however it keeps you fulfilling. Mu Noodle Bar also has Taosi Ma rice for those of you who want something different but familiar.

Kwa Chay Rice

Mu Noodle Bar Kwa Chay Rice

For all these dishes, you’ll need compatible rice. I highly recommend that you try Mu Noodle Bar’s Kwa Chay Rice, which is a perfect fit for vegetarians as well. The serving size is way larger than 1 cup so you can test by ordering one for two people before you order more if you’re cutting the carbs. But I love that Mu Noodle Bar infuses these healthy vegetables that adds another dish to your meal.

Season Garlic Vegetables

Mu Noodle Bar Season Garlic Vegetables

For a healthier you, Mu Noodle Bar can tailor some assorted vegetables and cook it in garlic sauce. Vegetables include Broccoli, Taiwanese Pechay and more, on seasonal demand.

Other Dishes: Dong Bo Buns, X.O. Raddish Cake, Hong Ma in Pot

I have also tried their X.O. Raddish Cake, Dong Bo Buns and Hong Ma in Pot dishes too, but sadly I don’t have any photos to share. I love their X.O. Raddish Cake. These are chopped and sauteed in X.O. sauce. The Dong Bo Buns are a bit small in serving having only 4 mantou buns but is a treat for anyone in for some meat. And the Hong Ma in Pot is just a bit as flavorful as the Taosi Ma

Mu Noodle Bar Glorietta has a better ambience over Mu Noodle Bar Greenhills or Wilson, so it would be better for you to dine at the New Glorietta.

Best Asian Fusion Cuisine

I like that Mu Noodle Bar maintains great cuisine at a reasonable price, and this is the reason why I keep coming back to Mu Noodle Bar Glorietta every now and then. Customer service is attentive and if it doesn’t bother you to sit on the bar, you can have a quick meal at Mu Noodle Bar. I’ve noticed that every now and then, Asian tourists (Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese) would drop by Mu Noodle Bar. I bet it fits their taste perfectly.

Mu Noodle Bar Menu

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Location: 2nd Floor The New Glorietta Mall; Wilson St. (Before P. Guevarra), Addition Hills, San Juan.
Facebook: MuNoodleBar

Mu Noodle Bar Rating:

Taste and Originality: (4.5 / 5)
Customer Experience: (3.0 / 5)
Value for Money: (3.5 / 5)
Brick and Mortar: (3.5 / 5)
Average: (3.6 / 5)
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