• Leni

    You should add Gerbu’s Burger n’ Tacos, Kafe Yen and Grandad’s. All these are along Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque also.

    • Oh those are nice recommendations! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    • Pao Alfonso

      I agree, Gerbus has good burgers.

    • Chester Monicayo

      No Gourmet’s Palate charbroiled burgers? For shame!

      • Leni

        I would have suggested Gourmet but, unfortunately, they’ve closed. 🙂 My husband and I used to eat there at least once a week before. 🙂

  • Tyn

    Bamba Bistro should be in this list! Try the le cochon sliders, braised beef sandwich, lamb adobo, steak manila, the ribs (the meat just falls right off the bone!!!) and for dessert smores dip!!! Mmmm….. I think I’m going there for lunch tomorrow! !!

    • I was a bit torn in including Bamba Bistro in this list but I might take you up on that. Your food recommendations sound awesome 🙂

      • Doode

        Chef harsh treatment (gordon ramsay style) of her staff is a downer if youre trying to enjoy the food. Not sure about Rodrigo’s roast beef. It was rubbery when i ate there. Conti’s does a better job of the dish.

        • That’s a great feedback on Rodrigo’s, thank you!

        • Leni

          Yeah, I agree. Conti’s has way better Roast Beef than Rodrigo’s. In fact Conti’s should definitely be on this list since it started in BF Paranaque, being an offshoot of the memorable Dates & Nuts Cafe of yesteryears. They serve the most of same food that Dates & Nuts did but with several new items. But the quality and taste remins the same. IMHO. 🙂

          • Thank you for your insights. I am not quite a fan of Conti’s other than their pastries and cakes. Cheers! 🙂

  • DeluxeTea

    Mandarin Palace along Aguirre Avenue – good Chinese food, has dimsum and noodle promo everyday 2-5pm which is 20% to 25% discount, hotpot promo 9pm until closing

    • Thanks for your recommendation! Thinking of expanding the list 🙂

  • nard

    you should try mang bert’s ihawan.. im not sure about the address but its in casimiro village behind perps las piñas. the inihaw na bulaklak is the must try product of mang bert.. and the sauce of their barbecue its marvelous! i think this place is better than mang rauls! many perpetualites testified and proven themselves.

    • Wow! That sounds like a good contender to Mang Raul 🙂 I love your recommendation. Thanks for dropping by!

      • Leni

        Actually, Krom’s, which is just a few steps away from Mang Raul’s, has better tasting fare. He has been around way much longer in BF Almanza than Mang Raul. I think since the early 80s pa. People who grew up in the area prefer Krom’s over Mang Raul’s. 🙂 I think the reason Mang Raul’s is more popular is the fact that the younger crowd gather there because it’s the thing to do right now. 🙂

        • Yes you are right Leni. I appreciate your recommendation on Krom’s. I wish I had included it when I first created the list. Cheers! 🙂

    • Pao Alfonso

      I second this too. This is in Paraiso St. of Casimiro Village, near the admin building.

  • Jason

    Hi there! Can you guys locate in the map where is Milly’s? We are interested in going there this month. Thanks in advance. 😀

  • Pquefoodie

    How can this list not include Ble and Bamba? This list has no credibility at all

    • I had difficulty creating this list. Maybe I can expand it to 25 restaurants if I have the time.

    • nick manolo

      What? Just becoz the list doesnt include ur fave resto, it’s no longer credible?? U know everything, dont you?
      Sabi nga nila, ikaw na ang may credibility!

    • DeluxeTea

      If you think the list has no credibility, make your own list. Tapos i-publish mo sa sarili mong website. Mas marunong ka pa pala sa author eh.

  • You should check out The Swiss Deli Restaurant!! https://www.facebook.com/swissdelirestaurantbf/photos_stream

    • Nice! I should add that in this list once I’ve expanded it. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • Jones

    Dude your map is all wrong. Songkran and Hanakazu are on the wrong places.

    • Oh no! let me take a look at it and correct the pins. Thanks for dropping by!

  • I agree with your recommendations, though black pig and orange whisk isn’t really in BF hehe you should include Uncle Mo’s shawarma too for alternative cuisine (there kofta balls, shawarma and hummus are all soo Yum )

    • Thanks for dropping by! The article isn’t limited to restaurants in BF Homes. I love Uncle Moe’s too! 🙂

    • Seya

      hello pquegirl.
      Orange Whisk will opening it’s second branch in BF Aguirre this December. Thank you!

      • Seya

        hello pquegirl.
        Orange Whisk will be opening it’s second branch in BF Aguirre this December. Thank you!

  • nonoy

    Were you able to try ALL (as in all) the resto in Aguirre before coming up with this list? Because if not, you might miss out others which equally good.

    • Share your restaurant recommendations! Readers here would really benefit from your thoughts.

  • Lives in the BF area since 1980

    Research seems mediocre. The title is misleading. Aguirre BF Homes is a street in the area. Along it you can already find over 20 something great restaurants, Alabang/Filinvest area would have 20 others worth mentioning as well. Also, Rodrigo’s Roast Beef is gamey and average tasting, there are mosquitoes in the place, you’re better off with the roast beef kiosk in South Supermarket in Filinvest.

    • The title of my article is “Top 20 Most Popular Restaurants in Aguirre, BF Homes, Paranaque City and Beyond”. Beyond means further south, so this list isn’t limited to restaurants along Aguirre.

      I did find difficulty in creating this list. I mentioned that in my article, which is why I’m encouraging readers to air your thoughts if there are restaurants further South that are worth mentioning. And it seems you know many restaurants at Alabang/Filinvest area, share us your restaurant recommendations. 🙂

  • Cor

    Jeannie’s Goto Batangas should be here, from trike drivers to after partyers know this place. Their goto bats surely keeps you awake!

    • Ooh sounds like a good place to chill. Thanks for your recommendation! 🙂

  • Jill

    You forgot to dropby the very old Toho Antigua along Bf President Ave, the original Avenetto along Aguirre also and the always full packed Mandarin. For Korean cuisine, Han Sam also in Aguirre is serving authentic korean food. Bonus, if little quiapo is there, the best kare kare in town is Lola Idangs along Bf pres Ave.

    • Nice! thanks for your recommendations! Those sound very good to me 🙂 Cheers!

  • Manny

    Great list but the number of restaurants in the area is growing by the minute. I would recommend Balai Ilocos for great ilocano food – Di malilimutang Mechado as well as the poque poque.

    Try Ble for authentic greek food. Place is small and cramp though with the kitchen taking 3/4 of the area.

    I would kill for Don Limone’s lengua. Must try I say!

    • “I would kill for Don Limone’s lengua” – OMG, that sounds dangerously delicious! Thanks for your recommendation on Balai Ilocos! Cheers 🙂

  • Rita Sta. Cruz

    Great article! When you have time, please try The Cake Planet and Cafe (91 Dona Soledad Ave, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque). We’re beside PNB and in front of Zafra Motors/Sieg’s restaurant. We would love to hear your feedback! Thanks!

    • Hello Rita! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I will try out The Cake Planet and Cafe soon! Cheers!

  • Tatiana

    I agree with most but have to raise my eyebrow on some. Popular, yes, but not the best tasting. Do try Balai Ilocos, Northern flavors brought to the South and Swiss Deli, locally produced Hams, salamis, etc. for best tasting steaks and yup, Grandad’s good too 🙂

    • Hello Tatiana! “Popular, yes, but not the best tasting” – You probably gave the smartest feedback! This was my intent when I wrote my Popular Series article. It’s not necessarily the most delicious but it was popular for many people, and I am glad you understood. 🙂 I love your recommendations on Grandad’s! And that’s the second mention for Balai Ilocos. Awesome! 😀

    • bobber maducdoc

      Yup, try grandad’s beef sashimi and salpicao!

      • That’s the second mention for Grandad’s! You guys are doing a great job in creating a healthy discussion. AWESOME! 🙂

  • Geeboy

    Rovillaz at Dona Soledad BLS is also a good one!

    • Hello there! Thanks for your recommendation! 🙂


      I don’t think so. The owners has to check their cooking, it lacks presentation and flavor. We are looking for REAL FILIPINO HOME COOKED MEALS.

  • Pips

    You should drop by and try sisig at Ero’s. Its located near The village sports club along Tropical Avenue. I think only few people knows the place but for us, they have the best sisig ever 🙂

    • Though I’m not a huge fan of Sisig generally since I got food poisoned from Sisig once, I will try that out since you recommended it! Cheers 🙂

    • Leni

      Oooh…I love sisig! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  • Tryit

    What about the shawarma snack center? Its been around for quite some time..

  • Aya Castillo

    Pls visit & try “Steak 101” at Dona Soledad Extension Better Living Subd Pque City. Thanks

  • Chris Ben

    Worth mentioning & Definitely try is taste the best bulalo place i’ve eaten it’s located in BF Pilar. it’s Bulalo Expedition! very yummy

  • person

    Looks like you’re missing Bamba, Swiss Deli, and Blé (greek food), which are actually the three top best restaurants there.. And oh… wow unexpected.. u missed out Sensei sushi bar.. Do you even know BF?? oh some food bloggers sometimes blog food for show when their rankings are actually overrated.

    • Thank you for your recommendations! And even if all of you are coming from the same IP address block.

  • Pao Alfonso

    I agree with the inclusion of Orange Whisk. Their eclair is really, really yummy (try all flavors! it’s a must). My favorites there would have to be the Yellow Risotto and anything with bagnet. Seriously, try their bagnet.

  • spiderman

    awww guys you missed sensei jap resto! try their fried oysters and i’m sure you’ll have a change of perspective! and shabu yaki too along aguirre

    • Hello! One of my close friends is an avid fan of Sensei Sushi as well. I chose to add other restaurants to give them a chance. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • miranda

    Ooooh, I dont think Hanakazu has the best sushi/maki or Jap food. Sensei Sushi Bar is still the best in Paranaque! (Although Bento-ya is a close competitor due to its affordability) Sensei has very delectable sushi and maki with original contemporary recipes. I have never liked Japanese food that much before but Sensei definitely changed me! (And swear, this is not a paid ad for them) on a more serious note, I think their edge is that each meal is prepared kn the spot wc makes the customer taste its freshness. You should really try it!

    • Hi Miranda! Yeah I agree about Sensei Sushi. 🙂

  • richiemiam

    Great read. I agree with most here mentioning the likes of sensei,eros(killer lechon kawali and dinuguan as well)and swiss deli. May I suggest u try also Sam Won. For me,one of the best and affordable korean resto here in the south. They have no siesta time compared to other restos. Keep us informed! Thanks!

  • rj

    Also A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante along Aguirre ave. And Ramen Yushoken in molito alabang 🙂

    • I love a veneto! I eat at their branch in trinoma. 🙂 ramen Yushoken has been getting mixed reviews though.

  • Dudung10

    This list lost some of it’s credibility with Zark’s. Sure they’re hella famous on facebook and their burgers look good but it all adds to the disappointment that is their bland and dry burger patties. Srsly guys. i get that feeling that you were obliged to include zark’s in this list because of their popularity.

    • Aww. I’m sad to hear that. This list is in fact called, “Most Popular Restaurants in Aguirre…”. Hence the inclusion of Zarks. But thanks for dropping by anyway.

    • DeluxeTea

      The word “Popular” is included in the title, and here you are whining about a popular restaurant making the list?

      Basa muna bago hirit.

  • Bubbles

    Hi! Since you’re article is about restos or good-food places here in the South, hope you’ve tried eating at Maty’s in Don Galo Paranaque. It’s just a typical tapa house. Their tapang kabayo is really good. 🙂

    • Nice recommendation! Tapang Kabayo? That’s not made out of horse, is it? :-s

      • Bubbles

        *YOUR article. Sorry for the error 🙂 many say it is really horse meat, that’s why it has a distinct taste unlike other tapas. 🙂 should try it some time, medyo madame lang talagang kumakain don. 🙂

        • Horse meat is a bit of a taboo, but now you put it, it does sound worth the long trip. Thanks for your helpful recommendation! 🙂

  • Doode

    Across Tatsunoko is a good Thai place called Kah Thai . True thai ingredients for pad thai and the papaya salad with crispy fish flakes.

  • Murphy

    Your comparison of Sensei Sushi to Hanakazu is unfair, they’re two very different places. I know you’re trying to make a point, but the description is made in poor taste

    • You have a point there. I’m thinking of expanding the list.

  • Michael

    If you included restaurants outside BF, how could you not have included Yushoken Ramen which is THE most famous restaurant in the south? Really boggles the mind. A lot of these places are very sub par too, to be honest.

    • I’m not a fan of Ramen Yushoken.

      • Michael

        Then that makes it worse because you’re supposed to make a list of the most popular places which is based on a significant number of people. Plus the fact that you don’t like something that is universally accepted as being very good exposes your very mediocre taste, only supported by your other choices. Sad.

        • I have to disagree with that being “universally accepted as being very good.” There have been mixed reviews on Ramen Yushoken. But thank you for your insights, a point well made. I can easily expand my list to accommodate your recommendation. But then there will be people against it, and we’ll never reach the end of it.

          You are entitled to your own opinion and food preferences as to I am mine. However big of a hasty generalization and judgement you made about my preferences in taste.

          Cheers! 🙂

          • Michael

            All restaurants have mixed reviews, there is not one restaurant that can please everyone. Some people simply do not have the palate to accept good food, sometimes because it is simply out of their economic reach or their taste is too elementary for it. Yushoken however has very favorable reviews and when someone says something bad against a place that is universally acclaimed, then the it’s the writer who obviously has to learn, such as this case.

          • Thanks for returning to this article, Michael, and for defending Ramen Yushoken. The restaurant is lucky to have you as a loyal customer. I hope you continue to have great experiences at Ramen Yushoken.

      • Lia

        This is a prime example of the continuous growth of bad blogging. Michael is right, you cannot have a popular list in Alabang without Yushoken. Whether or not YOU like it you are supposed to stick to the facts, and the fact is that it is one of the biggest reasons why people venture over to the South. Just because you are the writer doesn’t mean your opinion is the only one that matters. If it does then you should have just made a list of what you think are the best restaurants. Gauge of popularity is crowd sourced, not the opinion of a single person. How can you even compare Sensei to Hanakazu?? One is traditional and one is a modern/fusion interpretation of Japanese fare. I think for your sake, you better improve your palate and class to learn more about food before you think of writing.

        • This is why I asked everyone to share their thoughts, Lia. Thanks for sharing your feedback though.

  • ruecin

    How about Bi won? They gave us a wide variety of side dishes for free. 🙂 its also along aguirre avenue

    • Wow, they have a lot of Banchan? Thanks for your recommendation! 🙂

  • Edward Mendoza

    Hi ! I agree Tatsunko my family and I visit this resto atleast once or twice a month after mass. But you forgot to check out 75 Avenue Sports bar Along Aguirre they serve really good food as well. my family is a regular customer.

    • Great recommendation! I will check that out. And thank you for subscribing to Candid Cuisine! 🙂

  • agnes

    You may want to (no, HAVE TO!) try SAM WON along Aguirre Ave. It’s still the most jampacked Korean resto in BF, and rightfully so. I only wish they would renovate or at least make the place look cleaner. But the AWESOME Korean fare more than makes up for the rather shabby surroundings.

    Since you included Commerce Center in Filinvest, do try MONA LISA. They serve exquisite pastas, pizzas, and other Italian fare including steaks, plus the service is impeccable.

    Tito Chef used to be more popular, until they jacked up their prices and all the sauces started tasting identically sweet.

    Mandarin Palace along Aguirre, and its branch called Bao Bistro along President Avenue are the most popular (and the only) Chinese restos in BF. Good value for money, esp. Bao Bistro, where the same menu items as Mandarin Palace cost 10% less.

    • MONA LISA – That’s a good recommendation! I was hoping you guys will shed some light about the restaurants in Filinvest/Alabang area. It’s too far from my place too. I would love to try out that place.

      These are really great suggestions, Agnes. I enjoyed reading your recommendations, and you sound passionate about food.

      That’s a sad note about Tito Chef. That’s something most restaurants here in the metro need to work on – consistency.

      Thanks again! Cheers 🙂

      • agnes

        Mona Lisa opened a branch in SM Aura recently. The owner is a Filipina (she is the Chef) married to an Italian, and i think that’s where she’s hands-on these days, so the food should be as good there. I haven’t been there, but i suppose the ambience is just as classy and serene as it is in Filinvest. (The steak with mushroom risotto is yummmmmmmmy).

        And oh, i nearly forgot — PHOENIX COURT in Bellevue Hotel in Alabang serves a dimsum buffet for only P660 nett and a dimsum + some other dishes buffet for around P850 nett. They cook as you order, so everything is fresh. The Chef is from HK. Scallops dumplings, fried prawn dumplings, gosh, go there famished and try everything. Sue me if you don’t think it’s awesome 😉

  • agnes

    Mona Lisa recently opened a branch in SM Aura. Haven’t been there, but i hope their ambience is as classy and serene as the one in Filinvest.

    Speaking of good eats in Filinvest, you SHOULD TRY PHOENIX COURT in Bellevue Hotel. They serve dimsum buffet for P660 nett, and a dimsum plus other dishes buffet for around P850 nett. All dishes are prepared as you order, so they all have a clean, fresh taste. High quality ingredients. The Chef is from Hong Kong. Go there famished, try everything on the dimsum buffet menu, but especially scallop dumplings, fried prawn dumplings, heck, try it all! And if you don’t like — sue me, haha 😉

    • Wow! Dimsum is always good. 🙂 *thumbs up*

      I respect your food preferences. 🙂 And everything you mentioned sounds delicious.

  • geo

    swiss deli is also highly recommended. the marinated beef ribs are to die for. it almost melts in your mouth. the owner, jeffrey lua, is very amiable and friendly as well making it a very cozy establishment

  • Richard

    Sensei is a good place that should have been on this list. Mama lous was very generic and wasn’t really that great at all along with Tito chef. Its good but not great. Then again this is only about popularity.

  • ayo

    You missed, Sensei and The Swiss Deli.

    How could you put Hanakazu on this list? It is a very generic Japanese Restaurant.

  • Reyna

    Have you ever ventured towards the BF gates going to Naga Road, Tropical Avenue to be exact? There are a couple of places there with good, hearty food on the cheap. EROS Inasal atbp for instance is one of the village’s best kept secrets, it started out as a mami/goto/pares place where you can also drink beer but has of late evolved into the go to place for crunchy, finger-lickin’ lechon kawali, chicken inasal that’s just a few notches below that JT’s Manokan (which I believe is the gold standared outside of Bacolod), kare-kare, sisig and various dishes with gata. You can still drink beer there but first you gotta try the food. For dessert and coffee you must head on next door to Ruby’s Country Cafe and give her cinnamon-raisin buns and brewed coffee a try. Her cupcakes are by special order but I can tell you right now they are WAY BETTER than Larcy’s.

    • Thank you for your recommendation. That’s helpful feedback.

    • Rosa

      I live near EROS and I used to call it my “secret goto shop”. For a time, it was my go-to (no pun intended!) potluck contribution and only revealed its location to really good friends. Once, I even celebrated a birthday there and offered my friends “goto and tokwa’t baboy all you can” — they loved it!

      It has now evolved into a nicer place, and once, it even had a branch in BF Almanza. My only complaint would be that if the manang who makes the goto isn’t there, the quality of the goto suffers.

  • Mhy Nicolas

    How about “get peached”? I saw good feedbacks about it… 🙂

  • Kiko

    You forgot grandads. Grandads’ steak is better than borgos

  • Kiko

    Eeerrrr BF Paranaque? You included places outside BF.

    • Article’s title states “Paranaque City and Beyond.” It’s not limited to BF area only.

  • momster

    Thanks for the list. Although we have tried a number of the restos in your list, we are using your article and the comments as reference for other restaurants to try in the bf area. I agree on some, not so much on the others, but still quite helpful in discovering new food places that could be new faves for my family. As for the alabang area, you might want to check out sushi ninja, whistlestop, kanin club and melo’s in westgate, mati’s and market basket at the river park (festival mall) at filinvest city. Yushoken and omakase in molito are also good. A new hole in the wall place called tatang’s cebu lechon belly near the village sports club along el grande/tropical bf (beside cerealicious) is also good for tipid meals days or “tamad to cook” weekends. Servings is generous and the meat is very flavorful.

    • Hello! I’m glad you found the list polarizing, which is one of my intentions when I wrote the article. Thanks for dropping by and for your recommendations! Enjoy your fun times bonding with your family and I hope you get to have long lasting favorites in these restaurants. 🙂 Cheers!

  • cbonifacio

    You should try kanto king grill, place is small but very good food. Try the lamb chops and crispy tuna belly 🙂 its near mini stop in aguirre

  • dess

    Gerbu’s 🙂

    • MR husay

      Gerbus sucks! Low quality burgers..

  • MR HuaY

    Some of the restos mentioned here are over rated.. Its really not that good or i may say nothing special. Just ok.. Cant say WOW its F’n delicious… I’m talking about larcys, orange whisk and mama lous and zarkys..

    Im suprised you didn’t mention ssc shawarma snack center.. Their kebab combo is great and their all beef or chicken shawarma..

    And avaneto pizzeria.. One of the best pizza in pinas and their big serving pastas are awesome..

    • Andrea Valdez

      I used to love coming here. But they changed their carbonara with chicken recipe. It used to taste like a grilled chicken with a hint of teriyaki or world’s chicken, then bam, it changed.

  • dj

    Have you tried milky moustache? I wont recommend it at all

    • PengU

      horrible service!it takes 1 hour before you got served!

  • JJ

    sadly, don limone in aguirre is gone. they’re now in tagaytay.

    • piichan

      what?! aaaw. where in tagaytay?

  • A

    Mang Raul’s not in BF HOMES…… it’s in BF ALMANZA diff places…..

  • Mark

    you forgot to mention paps bbq along elizalde

  • Alf Santiago III

    Try to research more… What about Gemma’s Canteen right at the corner of tropical hut phase 1. 1984 – present

  • Carl Bonifacio

    Forgot to mention Kanto King Grill as well man, itd a long aguirre, right beside ministop. the best lamb chops and tuna belly. Cheap as well. Try the spicy rice as well.

  • southern belle manila

    You should have added Bamba Bistro. The food there is amazing

  • Elaine

    I would agree with some of those on the list, but not really with the others. Every couple of months, some new Resto pops up in BF and becomes famous. But every diligent BF Resident Foodie knows which Resto has food worth going back to.

    For me, the BEST Burgers, Tacos, Burritos & Rice Bowls for the Best Price will always be from Gourmet’s Palate aka. Charbroiled. BF Foodies mourned when they closed their doors last year. But now, they’ve reopened! They’re now located beside the Swiss Deli in Phase 3.

    Tatsunoko is the BEST Japanese Food in BF (for me). Hanakazu is a bit overrated, but nonetheless popular. There’s also Mensakaba Geishu near the front of The Girl + The Bull. Straightforward Ramen & Yakitori for cheap (but doesn’t taste cheap at all).

    For really good/gourmet food, Bamba Bistro is definitely better than Tito Chef’s.

    Grandad’s is a great place for quality Prime Rib for a very inexpensive price. Borgo Cafe gets a lot of brownie points for their Butcher’s Steak & Truffled Mac & Cheese. But Meat Depot along Aguirre is getting a lot of buzz for Wagyu and Angus Steak for less.

    Got loads of other go-to Restos in BF that gets overlooked a lot of times, but they’re for me to know, and hopefully not everyone to find out (hehehe!). Hype kinda kills the vibe.

    • Myca

      This is helpful! Thanks wasn’t aware Gourmets reopened 🙂

    • Yammy

      Ah yes, Charbroiled was my favorite!!! Thank you for letting me know they reopened!

  • happyjoy

    You didn’t mention Ble in aguirre and another a bigger branch in elizalde. Its quite popular for the steak soulvaki. the food is good, except they dont have their own pepper/hot sauce.

  • Andrea Valdez

    Mandarin palace serves the best hakaw i tasted. My 2-year old daughter even manage to put down two orders on her own. That’s 8 hakaws! Also love their other dimsums. My advice, get a reservation, especially on weekends. They tend to get fully-booked by 6pm onwards. Also try to visit burgery. Love the different takes on their burgers, and its not expensive.

  • Sarah Alhamsi

    Visited Borgo, waited an hour and a half for our orders plus they had no steak that day which they claim is their specialty. We visited on a weekend, by the way. I never set foot in that place again after such a horrible experience that left us hungry, pissed and unsatisfied.

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  • SonOfKhal

    someone give us factual top restos o aguirre please

  • Margareth Yee

    Beware MULTA P350 pag nalabas mo sa gate by accident ang gate pass sa BF Homes. Nakakaabala sa bisita ng mga homeowners. Very unreasonable,unprofessional and rude employees including guards and club house faculty. Sa lahat ng village na napasukan ko, this is the Worst! Peperahan ka talaga!

    Mga hired employees ng BF Homes mga bastos. They will treat you like they’re your boss.I went there yesterday bcoz I bought a stroller from one of the homeowners. We were not familiar with the place and we forgot to bring our pocket internet that time.We used waze but offline. What happened was, nung pauwi na kami, hindi namin mahanap yung gate na lalabasan namin so nagpaturo kami sa homeowner but as we all know madaming pasikot-sikot sa village na yun and sobrang daming gate na madadaanan. Before we went out from Magbanua St., gate, nagtanong din kami sa guard kng pano pumunta dun sa Dona conchia gate pero hnd nia alam. So we just tried our luck. Unfortunately, by accident nakalabas husband ko sa isang gate ng hnd nia napapansin coz we he was concentrating sa pagdridrive and it was around 8pm kaya madilim na,then wala pang few seconds, we took a u-turn agad nung napansin nya.Then we went back in the village. Sabi saamin ng guard,violation daw na nalabas ang gate pass and may bayad na P350. Of course we were not aware of our violation kasi hnd namin namin nabasa ung nakasulat sa likod ng gate pass at wala din nag warn saamin na kelangan palang basahin. Who would expect na may ganon pala silang kaartehan. Its not a posh village to begin with compared sa ibang villages na napuntahan na namin. We were harassed by the guard on the 1st gate & Dona Concha gate. They were very rude to us na parang gangster sila kung makapagsalita and trinato kami na parang palaboy. Of course, nakakainis talaga sa part namin kasi pinapapunta kami sa club house na napakalayo at pinagmumulta kami ng P350, eh hello! guest lang kami diyan. At naghahabol kami sa oras kasi yung anak kong almost 2 years old hnd pa nakakakain ng dinner.Then we didnt have a choice at nagpatulong nlng kami sa homeowner na pinagbilhan namin ng stroller at naabala din sila, dahil dinala pa nla kami sa clubhouse “na napakalayo”. Pag dating dun meron kaming na meet na mapayat na babae na faculty. I dont know her position pero napakabastos! Parang squatter ang peg.Sinisigawan niya kami at yung magasawang homeowners na kasama namin na walang kamalay-malay sa nangyayari. Parang gangster makapagsalita! They were just there to explain that we are only their guest “as seen on my husbands license – From Quezon city nga kami”. Binastos muna niya then she even “demanded” for their homeowners ID. then nagsorry lang siya nung na confirm niya na homeowner sila. I mean what kind of village is this? Parang entrapment ang nangyare saamin. Akala ko tuloy criminal kami. Feeling ko parang pinagtripan kami. Kasi kung talagang for security reasons lng kaya sila humihinggi ng P350, dapat binababa nila yung pangharang sa gate.pero nakabukas lang at nag take chance sila na pag nakalabas ka by accident, para magbayad ka ng multa na P350. Nakakahiya ang village na ito at kawawa mga homeowners. I cant imagine this kind of inconvenience will happen to my guest. I will never visit this freaking village again. Hnd ko rin alam kng nagbabayad sila ng tax sa BIR dun sa sinisingil nila na P350.Its not about the amount, I really think its unfair for the guest.They should warn the guest first na basahin ung gate pass and ibaba nila yung pangharang ng gate hnd yung naka display lang at basta2X ka lang papalabasin.What if nakapasok tlga ang isang kriminal, at nagiwan ng fake ID sa gate tpos nakalabas lang ng basta basta kasi kc hnd hinaharang ng mga guards yung gate nila para makahingi ng P350.Something to think about homeowners.

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