BRONUTS: Where Your Cronut Cravings Are Satisfied! @bronutsph

BRONUTS: Where Your Cronut Cravings Are Satisfied!

After my less than satisfactory experience with Dolcelatte‘s croughnuts, I decided to give Cronuts another try but from a different baker. If you haven’t noticed, there are lots and lots of copycat Cronuts everywhere. Krispy Kreme is now offering Krispy Kroissants! And they’re always out of stock. My guess is that they don’t actually sell them because I’ve been to most branches and they’re always sold out. For a shop that’s selling doughnuts it’s hard to believe that cronuts will be sold out more than their original glazed donuts. Cafe France is also selling croughnuts, but I think they look dried out and everyone who passed by Cafe France to check their croughnuts were sorely disappointed. Finally, I have found my contender for Dolcelatte’s croughtnuts: Bronuts. I happen to come across this while visiting Power Plant Mall’s Baker Dozen, and was amazed.


Bronuts is a twist in the name “Cronuts”, calling their customers lovingly “Brothers”, hence the portmanteau in the words, “brother” and “cronuts”. To be able to enjoy their “bronuts”, they have instructions on how to enjoy it, which I find quite funny.

A Background on Bronuts

By the way, the word “bronut” is not original at all, and is known as something else in Boston and New York. Bronut is a doughnut burger. It’s incredibly fattening, with all the goodness of bacon, mushrooms, burger and cheese, sandwiched in between doughnuts. This reminds me of Dunkin Donut’s breakfast donut sandwich. Quite interestingly, Dolcelatte released a ripoff Savory Croughnuts, a take on the salty side of their croughnuts but I have yet to try this.

Etymology of the Word Bronut

If you look at the Urban Dictionary, Bronut actually means something else, other than a burger doughnut. Bronut means “someone who is willing to share their donut.” You can actually say Bronuts instead of saying “I brought donuts!” You can find more of the vocabularies of the word “Bronut” here on Urban Dictionary.

Bronuts Cronuts Craze



Bronuts was really kind enough to give me a rundown of their three main flavors: their flavors:

1. Cream Cheese and Bacon Bronut
2. Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel Bronut
3. Blueberry with Custard filling Bronut
4. Strawberry Yogurt
5. Super Floss


They are selling for P110 a piece but I highly recommend you to get 1 box of six to be able to taste each and every flavor and share it with your friends! They offer free taste to give you some idea on its taste. After tasting the Belgian Chocolate, I was stunned. I thought that Dolcelatte have been stomped on this taste test alone! Again, they offered me to taste the cream cheese and I was even more amazed at how my palette changed from sweet to salty and how the croissant was best paired with a salty aspect. It reminded me of my childhood days, eating bagel with cream cheese. I knew I had to get a box.

Bronuts Box of 6

Bronuts Box of 6

I sliced the cream cheese flavor for you to see the layers. The layers aren’t that much visible compared to Dolcelatte’s but I think that’s not important. I’m raving at how the chopped garlic bread topping on the cream cheese blended perfectly. I could imagine myself eating this for breakfast.

Bronuts in Cream Cheese flavor

Cream Cheese Bronut

Bronuts in Cream Cheese flavor

I also tried the Blueberry with Custard filling. I thought this was at first, Yam-flavored. But I liked this flavor the least among the three although I liked how the jam filling inside reminded me of how I used to do my croissants way back ~ butter and blueberry jam. The custard filling was too much though. I hope they’d remove it because the jam is already enough.

Bronuts in Blueberry and Custard filling

Blueberry Bronut with Custard filling

What’s good about it is that you get the layers, minus the hard-to-chew texture. I like that it has buttery flavor and is all the more evident in the Cream Cheese Bronut ~ pure heaven! Sadly they’re just a pop-up booth every now and then at the Power Plant Mall, so I’m looking forward to see it become a fully fledged bakery one day, and probably offer more then just Cronuts.

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Bronuts Rating:

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