Spaghetti Incident, Lower East Side, NYC

spaghetti incident nyc

Address: 231 Eldrige Street New York, NY 10002
Official Website: www.spaghettiincidentnyc.com
Telephone Number: 646-896-1446
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00pm – 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 12:00pm – 11:30pm
Facebook: Spaghetti Incident NYC
Spaghetti Incident Menu

Spaghetti Incident, Lower East Side, NYC

About the time when the internet kept on hyping any kind of food, and arguably until today, (sadly until today), some “genius” thought about putting spaghetti in a cone. There was pizza in a cone, but there was also spaghetti in a cone. And the internet went wild.

Nestled in Lower East Side, Spaghetti Incident is not Guns and Roses’ ’93 album. And it’s the restaurant that tells you, no, it’s not because of internet sensations why spaghetti in a cone was born. Back in the 1950’s, Italy’s carnival culture combined with frugality led to risottos molded into portable balls known today as arancinis, and gelato in brioche (Translation: Ice cream buns). And here, pasta in a cone gives you the ergonomics of swirling and twisting in a vessel and delicious al dente pasta.

But of course, I wanted the full nine yards. Let’s sit down and enjoy pasta, first and foremost.

Bucatini Trevigiana – $13

spaghetti incident nyc

Pancetta, pine nuts, radicchio in light cream sauce. Now this is pasta. Al dente and creamy, just the way I like it.

Salsiccia E Broccoli – $14

This was even better with its white wine sauce.

Pasta ingredients are really cheap, so if you’re eating out for the night with pasta, make sure you get something grand. Remember, Trader Joe’s sell a bunch of pasta for only a dollar and a can of marinara for less than 3 bucks.