• EeVon Hon

    Hey, may I ask… I’m a bit confused – how do you know if there are any timed entries for HP world on that particular day?

    • Hey there! There are two reasons when there are no timed entry tickets. The good reason – the park visitors havent reached its tipping point in capacity so they dont issue out free timed entry tickets. This means, you can come in and out any time you want.

      The bad reason? The park’s capacity is so full, everyone needs to get a timed entry ticket to for crowd control. Most of the time this is the case. You can either buy the fast pass to be assured of a timed entry ticket, or on the day of your visit itself, you can get the earliest timed entry ticket by the Jaws statue.

      You’ll know if you need a timed entry ticket when you cant just enter Harry Potter. You have to show your timed entry ticket to the USJ staff.