886 Bistro, Jalan Besar, Singapore

Address: 407 Jln Besar, #01-01, Singapore 209012
Instagram: 886bistro
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am – 9:30pm

+886 Bistro, Jalan Besar, Singapore

Authentic Taiwanese food is something that I crave every now and then but can’t seem to find the right place where to satisfy my cravings. For one, I dislike going to elevated Taiwanese restaurants and prefer homey and casual brick and mortars that serves old school recipes. Eat 3 Bowls is one restaurant I always have in mind, but it’s location at Pasir Panjang is not convenient for me. Isshin Machi is another, but I can’t seem to put a finger on it. True Breakfast. Ugh queues are so long for no reason at all. At +886 Bistro, they serve something that calls to me. Sweet Potato Taro Balls.

That did the trick. Just thinking it after a filling meal of Lu Rou Fan and some old school fried pork chop gives me the perfect excuse to binge on Taiwanese food fare. I like that there’s a personal side to it; most of its dishes originated from the owner’s grandparents. (Brings me memories of my own Ah Ma who cooked the best vegetables ever.)

886 bistro sg 1

Ah Bao Braised Pork Rice ($5.80) is slightly on the fattier side, but who cares? Anybody who wants a leaner Lu Rou Fan needs a check up. (Though you can actually request for it to be leaner at 886 Bistro; I simply do not understand the rationale behind a less fatty braised pork rice. You’re supposed to eat the fat.) It’s good to eat sinful foods every now and then. There’s food for function. There’s food for the soul. This bowl is for you to to wipe those stress and worries away.

Two slabs of Imperial pork chops ($8.80) are fit for the emperor. So crispy and perfectly battered. Meat, just the right thickness.

And the finale. These sweet potato taro balls ($5.80) are the bomb. Where have you been hiding all this time??? It’s sweet and a little salty, with a mochi-like and chewy interior consistent in every single ball. Granted, there’s 5 in each order, but I need a 100 of these everyday.

+886 bistro is a bit far to those who live in the west. Not as far as traveling to Taiwan (and yes, +886 is Taiwan’s country code), but I wish they’d open more stores (and serve some Oyster Meesua, because that’s what most customers expect from a Taiwanese joint). But then, I would eat here in any given day. It reminded me of the small tea room I used to frequent beside my school when I was a kid — just better with bubble teas and taro brulees.

Come by early before peak lunch or dinner hours, because seats fill up fast even on a Monday. Cash or PayNow only.