Atlas Bar, #1 in Asia in 2020 World’s Best Bars, Singapore

Atlas Bar SG 3

Address: 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 10:30pm, Saturday 12:00pm – 10:30pm, Closed on Sundays
Atlas Bar Menu

Atlas Bar, #1 in Asia in World’s Best Bars, Singapore

Atlas Bar is one of the best bars in the world — 5th overall worldwide and Asia’s #1 in 2020. While it is known for it’s 1920’s Art Deco architecture and for being Singapore’s Gotham, Atlas Bar has more to give than just Great Gatsby interiors. Its 26-foot iconic gin tower was used as one of of Westworld’s filming locations. Fans will remember it in the scene where Thandie Newton and Vincent Cassel had drinks in season 3 episode 4. Either way, Atlas Bar is well known for its extensive gin selection, and you’ll likely spend a lot of time choosing the right drink to spend the night.

But then if you are coming to visit Singapore soon and you’re running out of time, Atlas Bar offers lunch and afternoon tea sets too. I encourage you to book their afternoon tea. The service is impeccable and friendly. I had a great time here because of how accommodating the staff was to its guests. Reservations are a must at Atlas Bar and credit card guarantees are required to book your table. You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your reservation time.

I would encourage you to check out the menu first before coming here, see if you like the savory treats. This was the Atlas Bar Afternoon Tea menu at the time of my visit.

It’s amazing how Hassell Studio and CS Hwang (the original building developer) improved the gilded interiors of what is today’s Atlas Bar. The attention to detail pays off; anyone who steps foot inside Park Square is immediately entranced with its opulence and taken to a different time and space. The velvet armchairs and leather sofas were very cozy; there’s a sense of privacy for anyone doing meetings.

Atlas Bar SG 3

Atlas Bar’s Afternoon Tea sets begin with a welcome cocktail — peach vodka punch and the amuse-bouche — it’s warm egg foam and mushroom underneath.

The sets come with two pots of tea. If you’re like me — who prefers coffee than tea — your second pot can be a cup of coffee. That said, I love the Gentle Calm; chamomile and ginger balances each other out.

The two-tier set is a little limited compared to other hotels offering afternoon tea like Fullerton’s The Courtyard, in my opinion.

Some savory treats stood out like the 5J jamon iberico toast and the corn creme fraiche tart. I thought those were executed quite well, while the brioche bun with truffled egg mayo was overpowering sandwiched in dry brioche buns that filled me up quite fast. Salmon with cream cheese on pumpernickel toast was passable though.

The sweet treats were better, IMO. I had fun eating the raspberry financier and the dark chocolate and grappa truffle, while the banana cream pie surprised me as the stand out treat among the rest. The only drawback were the scones as the clotted cream was too heavy and I love a more airy texture. Perhaps, a personal preference.

Overall, I thought the Afternoon Tea service was impressive for a bar well-known for its drinks. I had a pot of tea, flat white and a peach vodka, so I was too full to get a drink. It isn’t difficult to book for lunch or afternoon snack, where you can probably sample the Atlas Suite (Flight of Martinis) and you’d still feel like you could do more. Dinners and drinks are, of course, going to be legendary.