A&W Restaurants return to Singapore at Jewel Changi, Second Outlet in June 2019!

A&W Jewel Changi 4

Address: 78 Airport Blvd, #B2-209 Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore
Opening Hours: 24/7
Facebook: A&W Restaurants
Official Website: Changi Directory | A&W Restaurants

A&W Singapore Menu

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A&W Restaurants return to Singapore, Second Outlet in June 2019!

A&W finally returns to Singapore after 16 years! Of course, what better way to make a splash than to open it at Jewel Changi Airport?

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After 100 years of being in the business (in other countries, of course), A&W still brings the same spices, cane sugar and water (the secret ingredient LOL) to its infamous Rootbeer Float. In my visit to its first weekend opening at Jewel Changi Airport, A&W delivers some 100-year promise to its Rootbeer Float, and I mean, only in its Rootbeer Float.

A&W Jewel Changi 7

There is one big problem with its new branch in Jewel Changi. The queues are so long. And they don’t let you in unless there are some seats available, meaning you don’t get to reserve seats at all. This results to a 2 hour queue that snakes all the way to neighbor Fairprice Finest, increasing the expectations of the people.

With this kind of system, you wait for people to grab their orders, eat and of course, munch on Shake Shack fries and burgers and sip milkshakes – Yes, annoying people do this to people waiting in line. Why would you allow people to eat outside food and drink inside the restaurant?!

While it is open 24/7, do expect it to have a queue during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perhaps, the only time where it doesn’t have a queue is during midnight, but I will have to try that out myself.

A&W Jewel Changi 6

And the food? Is it indeed worth the queue?

A&W Cream Cheese Beef Burger with curly fries and Rootbeer Float – SGD 10.90 Combo

After a 2 hour queue, I finally scored seats. And within 5 minutes of my order, the food came out, much to my delight. Now this is FAST food.

A&W Jewel Changi 4

The thought of having cream cheese inside my burger is foodgasm. The verdict?

A&W Jewel Changi 5

Where is the cream cheese?!

The bun is so tough to chew. My guess is that they prepared way too many of this, unable to predict the traffic of orders and the food ends up like this. The burger was blah. It’s almost paper thin. Just take a look at my photo. Pictures paint a thousand words. That was #nofilter.

On the other hand, the curly fries? Heaven.

The Rootbeer Float? OH MY GOD. I love it. CHUG CHUG CHUG.

A&W Jewel Changi 2

Those of you reminiscing your childhood days are having a wild night. Here’s a video of it in action. (I think I made the lady really nervous. She spent 10 minutes digging ice cold and frozen vanilla ice cream hehe)

Golden Aroma Chicken (1 piece) – SGD 3.20

For SGD 3.20, I decided to try out 1 piece of their Golden Aroma Chicken, after falling in line and seeing people eat deep fried chicken. It made me really hungry.

Maybe get a plate and don’t do what I did – where I basically wolfed down on the chicken with my bare hands, burning the tips of my fingers and tongue. Really, why would you cook your chicken like this?! I can barely taste the flavor at all.

A&W Jewel Changi 3

At the moment, A&W is not yet HALAL ready. You will have to wait a bit longer for its HALAL certification.

Like it or not, the opening weekend is such a huge success that A&W plans to open its second restaurant in June 2019 and the third branch in 2020. There are hits and misses, so it’s particularly hard to predict whether or not this “hype” will last. Personally, I would want to see a Take Out counter, where I can just grab my Rootbeer to-go, and for those of you, who want to crossover to Shake Shack instead of eating here in A&W.

Until then, make sure you follow me on Google Maps – 43,000 people have read my reviews on Google and photos are always featured!

What do I think of Singapore’s cuisine?

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