Carpenter and Cook, Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore

Carpenter and Cook SG 2

Address: 19 Lor Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120
Opening Hours: Daily 8:00am – 8:00pm
Official Website:

Carpenter and Cook once again validated my whole theory that coffee shops around the west of Singapore fared better than the eastern side. At least, in my experience.

I like Coexist Coffee, Prairie by Craftsmen, and now, the latest addition – Carpenter and Cook.

Carpenter and Cook SG 2

Carpenter and Cook SG 1

Carpenter and Cook’s Pulled Pork Benedicts were really good, I wouldn’t dare split it with someone else. I don’t normally order egg benedicts in brunch places because I don’t like the muffin bread. Sometimes they’d serve it with sourdough toast and other than CMCR, I find that they’re too tough to chew. Carpenter and Cook serves them on top of corn bread, and I like how it absorbs the tang of the pulled pork plus the egg yolk. I scraped the oozing yolk with the remaining corn bread and it was just delicious.

The only downside were the eggs. A little bland. It needs some salt on it, and the hollandaise sauce does nothing to give taste to it.

I’d definitely be back one of these days to try out their Pistachio croissant. It looked a lot like Le Matin Patisserie, and given my distance from the latter, I’d rather go for something nearer to me.

Here’s my TikTok of it. It’s easier to show the yumminess with videos than photos.


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