Cowpresso Coffee Roasters, Lor Kilat, Singapore

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters SG 2
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Address: 21 Lor Kilat, #01-07, Singapore 598123
Opening Hours: Sunday – Monday 10:00am – 10:00pm, Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
Official Website:
Instagram: cowpressocoffeesg

If you’re looking for a new coffee shop to study, unwind, or catch up with your friends, there’s a new neighborhood coffee shop: Cowpresso Coffee Roasters. Located at Lor Kilat, it joins a long line of unassuming Korean and brunch spots in Bukit Timah — namely, Carpenter and Cook, Revelry, The Signature Patisserie, and FlagWhite.

I’d say competition is quite tough in this neighborhood. It’s extremely difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest, when everyone’s serving Chicken and Waffles and pasta.

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters focuses on its coffee beans, the machines, and even latte art classes. This is a coffee shop that’s serious in their coffee trade, and I think locals in the neighborhood of Bukit Timah/Hillview would be really pleased that there’s a new alternative to FlagWhite, which has been the go-to coffee spot for most coffee lovers out there.

Flat White $5.20

I like the Golden Cup Blend, which they used in their flat whites and lattes. With Milk Chocolate, Muscovado, Macadamia, Dried Fruit tasting notes, those who prefer a balanced acidity will find that this blend sits in the middle of those who desire a jolt of caffeine mid-day, but not too strong that it will be difficult to sleep at night. I’d recommend getting the Flat White at Cowpresso, so that at least you can taste the depth of its notes, less on a cup that’s full of milk.

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters SG 2

I’m pleasantly surprised that they have the Jamaican Blue Mountain, something I was keen to taste once more since my trip to UCC museum in Kobe, Japan. They also have the Geisha Colombia, which I’m eager to try on another day as well. Curious to see if it’s close to the Panama Geisha blend we all know to be one of the best (and priciest) in the world.

(The staff is super friendly and she’ll give you a rundown of the coffee beans to use for espresso machines, drip, or lattes. Chat with them, it’s part of the coffee experience!)

Creme Au Chocolate Brioche Doughnuts – S5.80

Cowpresso also rides on the brioche doughnuts trend. Their Creme Au Chocolat Brioche Doughnut needs a little more improvement though. Unfortunately, the brioche doughnuts aren’t like Park Bench Deli’s Bombolonis or Burnt End Bakery’s. It’s drier , but the chocolate is rich and thick enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings, though I would love a bit more goeey in consistency. They also have soft serve ice cream on brioche doughnuts — that oughta mask the dryness of the doughnut, so be warned… and check this — a very interesting Croque Madame doughnut, great for those wanting something a bit more savory for breakfast.

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters SG 2

Cowpresso’s white interiors and black plates are Instagram (and TikTok worthy), and the place screams for those serious to get some work done. (Though the place’s 4G/LTE signal is a little weak though.) The space is airy, modern, reminiscent of Hello Arigato in Upper Thomson Road and to a lesser extent, industrial, like Coexist in Hillview.

Drop by and support your local coffee roasters; Cowpresso definitely doesn’t disappoint.

(P.S. I hear their machines are cheap. I am tempted to get one myself, but would I have the chance to get my cup at Cowpresso if I do?)