Crafted by Peter Zwiener, South Beach, Singapore

Crafted by Peter Zwiener sg 5
@candidcuisine baby burger 🍼🐥 for those on a diet #sgrestaurant #wheretoeatsg #sgfoodie #sgfood ♬ Cooking – Children’s Music

Address: 26 Beach Rd, B1-21 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am – 11:00pm
Official Website:
Instagram: craftedsgp
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Crafted by Peter Zwiener sg 2

There’s a new burger spot in town. Crafted. It’s by Peter Zwiener of the Wolfgang Steakhouse fame. So you can expect the flavors of the burgers to be amazing. Crafted is a meat lover’s heaven.

Crafted by Peter Zwiener sg 3

The Crafted Classic – $18

Crafted by Peter Zwiener sg 5

Check out The Crafted Signature Classic. 100% USDA Prime Black Angus Beef Patty. Doneness of the meat? Perfect. Juicy. Well-seasoned. and charred with cheddar cheese and fried onions.

Crafted by Peter Zwiener sg 5

Except, this is about the size of a White Castle burger. $18 for 4 inches in diameter.

Dear Crafted, if you stumble upon my review, I have a request. Please add 1 more inch to your burgers. It won’t hurt the cost. 0.5 inch on the left side. Another 0.5 inch on the right side. It won’t hurt the cost. Because honestly, it’s a little on the expensive side. I get that you try to put the customer into consideration — something affordable yet doesn’t sacrifice the quality, which I love by the way — but I think that would really impress a lot of people to go big bang, especially since you’re entering the casual dining scene.

I think the customer service and the burgers are still worth to try. If you have a big appetite, one burger might not be enough for you, especially if you’re used to Shake Shack or MOS burger. So getting a couple of sides like creamed spinach or mac and cheese might help fill up your tank. But then, prices are on the steep side, so don’t expect this to be your everyday kind of burger.