eggslut, Scotts Square, Singapore

Address: 6 Scotts Rd, #01-12, Singapore 228209
Opening Hours: Daily 8am – 10pm
Official Website:
Instagram: eggslutsg

I was pretty excited for eggslut to finally open their doors here in Singapore. Been craving a lot for their slut (and I know that sounds bad), and to a lesser extent, their sandwiches.

Let it be known that Singapore queues are immune to the pandemic.

This queue greeted me on a windy afternoon in Orchard, the second day after eggslut’s opening day. I thought I was being smart to queue for takeaway. We’re in a pandemic; takeaways are a smarter choice.

Except the takeaway queue — which was supposed to be a faster option, because why takeaways when you’re in a hurry, right? — took about the same time as the dine in queue. An hour long queue. Like, why? And the staff was telling me that they were starting to cook the food in batches for the takeaway orders… and they didn’t know when they’ll be finished cooking. How would you know what to cook when we’re still waiting outside for our turn to order? Why don’t you take our orders first while we’re waiting? Jeez, that’s no brainer; other restaurants do that so you won’t leave the queue. Yellow sunny swags are not going to make me smile behind my mask.

Mind you, these guys were the same operators that brought Shake Shack and Paris Baguette in Singapore. With their experience in managing Shake Shack, and that was an apocalyptic queue, you’d think they’ve mastered it. Except they didn’t.

Needless to say, about 4 to 5 safe distancing ambassadors, clad in red, roamed around inspecting the queues, which was to no surprise, bordering as violation.

But of course, that wouldn’t happen if they speed up the takeaway queue, wouldn’t it? We’ll be out of your hair in no time!

eggslut menu

eggslut sg menu

Anyways, an hour and a half later, I finally got my Slut ($11) and my Fairfax ($12).

The Fairfax – SGD 12

Fairfax was alright. I liked the caramelized onions. The brioche buns were even better than Shake Shack’s (which I suspect they were sharing ingredients). And the eggs were quite good, to my surprise. It’s a great breakfast sandwich.

The Slut – SGD 11


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Meanwhile, the Slut was also great — the coddled egg was perfectly cooked, and the bed of potato puree underneath was warm and welcoming. The only thing that was a disappointment were the three slices of baguette that came with it. (I won’t be surprised if Paris Baguette shared their ingredients too). Since it was a takeaway, it was already tough to chew, and I needed to reheat it. Anyway, I ditched the baguettes and just ate the egg. It was good.

The food gets a B from me. The queue management… Maybe not. I wish the queues would die down; it would be a nice day to have a quiet breakfast at eggslut and unwind with OJ.