Hakata Ippudo Ramen 一風堂 to Revolutionize Manila’s Kyushu Ramen Industry on September 10, 2014!

Ippudo Manila

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Literally a “one wind hall”, HAKATA IPPUDO 一風堂 will soon be making its way here in Manila, blowing winds and setting the direction for the Kyushu Ramen industry here in the Philippines.

The ramen chain HAKATA IPPUDO is a mega-power ramen chain, with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Australia and New York, where the ramen craze was said to have spilled over its wildfire here in the Philippines. IPPUDO specializes in Kyushu ramen and traditional Hakata noodles but carries with it the twist that is said to revolutionize the traditionalist industry.

I am pretty sure that most of you are extremely excited about Ippudo Manila. As the rumors are flying around, Ippudo Manila will be brought here by none other than successful Tonkatsu restaurant chain, Yabu: House of Katsu. On September 10th, 2014, we will be able to taste Ippudo’s famed steamed pork buns and gourmet high-end ramen dishes that are unlike what we have seen so far in today’s ramen scene.

We’re lucky to catch IPPUDO Manila opening soon at the newly built SM Mega Fashion Hall where Tim Ho Wan Philippines, Saint Marc’s Cafe of Tokyo, Hong Kong’s Linguini Fini, Lugang Cafe, Rosanjin and more restaurants are flocking the metro!

A picture paints a thousand words. Yes, that’s IPPUDO Manila’s Akamaru Tamago ramen sizzling and enticing YOU. Kae dama please! One more serving of noodle!

Ippudo Manila
Photo Credits: GKGK.info

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Manila, are you ready for Hakata Ippudo?