Johan Paris: French Japanese bakery, Isetan, Singapore

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Address: B1 Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238868; 3 Gateway Drive, #B2-01, Westgate, 608532
Opening Hours: Daily 8:30am – 9:30pm
Official Website:

Johan Paris Japanese bakery, Isetan, Singapore

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Let me introduce you to my favorite bakery in Singapore: Johan Paris. Originating from Ginza, Johan Paris combines a lot of German, French, and Italian influences into Japanese baking techniques. In Singapore, they have two branches, one in Isetan in Orchard, and the other in Westgate.

If you’re tired of your usual Bread Talk, Four Leaves bread, I urge you to try out these bestsellers at Johan Paris. I would eat their bread any time of the day.

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Sweet Potato bread

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One of the best-sellers! Sweet Potato bread is made out of sweet potato flour with tidbits of sweet potato stuffed in it. I love putting butter on these after warming them. But then it’s already so pillowy soft, you don’t even need to warm them.

Shio bread

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I like the crispy exterior of the Shio bread, and the buttery goodness trapped inside. Put more butter on it and the Shio bread makes a perfect dinner roll.

An Pan French Bread

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One of the crowd favorites, though it wasn’t included in their bestseller list. At first I thought it was going to be a jawbreaker, but then, it reminded me that in the case of hard bread, looks can be deceiving. Now, it’s definitely high on my list.

Brioche Buns

johan paris isetan sg 2

Love, love, love their brioche buns. They’re perfectly buttery and soft and putting more butter on it sends me to bread heaven. Tops my favorite list, definitely.

Melty Cheese Bread

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One of my early favorites and is a bestseller at Johan, Melty cheese bread is packed with cubes of cream cheese in it. I always, always go for bread with cheese. You can never go wrong with cheese breads.

Mozzarella Bread

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johan paris isetan sg 9

Pillowy soft stuffed with gouda cheese and mozzarella, it’s bound to captivate any cheese lover.

Walnut and Chocolate bread

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This one’s their limited bread for this month. Walnut and chocolate are two things that go hand in hand when it comes to bread, so be sure to catch this one before October ends.

There are other bestsellers and interesting breads that I’ve yet to try, so I’ll keep on updating this page for more!

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Seriously eyeing this honey chewy bread that’s made of mochi flour and mash potato. And plus their walnut bread and curry naan bread. Their prices are on a steeper side, but I promise, it’s worth every single cent you pay.