Joji’s Diner, Stanley Street, Singapore

Address: 3 Stanley St, Singapore 068722
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm
Instagram: jojisdiner

Joji’s Diner Stanley Street Menu

After the closure of New York’s Clinton St Baking Company in Singapore, it seems the whole island is looking for an American diner to replace those coveted blueberry pancakes. Or just about a big platter of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash to satisfy their cravings. Joji’s Diner seems like a replacement contender. I thought the menu was super cheap, but it’s original location in Serangoon Road makes it an inconvenient trek to those who don’t belong there.

So imagine the pent up cravings plus the highly raved opening at Stanley Street and I was lusting after those $12.90 Chicken and Waffles, a cheap thrill that’s going to transport me to midwest America within Singapore. Y’know, that retro feel of stopping at a gas station for a pump and getting a quick bite of breakfast, complete with coffee, cream and sugar. Well, Joji’s Diner serves a modern blend of Americano. So they say, they don’t serve cream and sugar at all with Americano. I know, you don’t drink Americano with milk, but I thought this was America retro vibes. Striking 1 point from my hype.

And then the Chicken and Waffles arrived. That portion size is about the size of Texas, but the taste wasn’t just getting my taste. Sure, cheap eats don’t really command quality. But in any restaurant operating, there’s an invisible line of making sure you serve an experience that would make you come back to (the price) plus something special, a certain click to the taste that’s going to be memorable to the customer.

Joji’s Diner had none.

Why do these waffles taste like cardboard? I had to drizzle an ungodly amount of syrup just to make it palatable enough. No butter? Just fried chicken thigh on top? And of course you eventually feel sluggish. Fried stuff. Syrup. Chicken skin. I don’t really expect diner food to be healthy. But I do expect the restaurant to be procuring tons of syrup. One table must have used up one bottle in one seating. Whatever keeps you guys afloat.

I don’t feel like eating at another American diner in Singapore. Maybe we’ve all missed the opportunity to love Clinton St. Baking Company. (I sure didn’t. It was an utter disappointing outpost of the original Clinton St. Baking Company. Just fly to NYC and queue around the Clinton St. block in LES. Grab a coffee at Black Cat coffee while waiting.)

P.S. My eyes hurt after all the reflective walls. I doubt you’d pass Uncle Sam’s eye exam afterwards.