Lavender Bakery, ION Orchard, Singapore

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

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Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION, B4-39 Orchard; 78 Airport Blvd., #B2-253/254, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm

I love bakeries. There’s something satisfying about bakeries — they never break your budget yet they delight your day. Johan Paris is one of my go-to’s for butter adzuki baguettes. I was hoping Lavender comes in second.

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

Hailing from Malaysia, Lavender is quite popular pre-pandemic at it’s first branch in Jewel Changi. They recently opened a second outlet in ION Orchard, taking over Four Leaves Bakery (which unfortunately wasn’t very good IMO.) Now, Bread Talk has some serious competition. The line at Lavender had snaking lines over the weekend. Well, it’s all because they had to wrap every single bread you order one by one. (They definitely hadn’t gotten a chance to speed things up given it’s their opening month.) So if you chance upon Lavender Bakery without having to line up, go and buy what you can, because it’s really a waste of time to line up for bread.

So what’s good at Lavender Bakery? What should you buy at Lavender Bakery? Here are some of my recommendations:

The Windsor bread caught my eye — I used to buy this kind of bread in my vacations to Hong Kong. Slather some butter and jam on this buttery toast and you’re good to go. I saw the Nama Shokupan; the recipe originates from Japan. I’ll definitely try that some other time.

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

The egg tart is quite good, so do warm them before eating!

Xiao Ge Ge is a crowd favorite. This dainty slice of butter chiffon cake is dense inside, yet moist and filling for an afternoon snack.

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

Hanjuku Cheese caught my eye, because this type of soft cheesecake is my favorite. It’s also light and airy and perfect if you want dessert without getting your stomach overloaded.

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

The Toffee Bun. Tastes a little like Kouign Amann, but whatever you call it, this is my favorite. I love the crunchiness, the sweetness seeped between layers of perfectly crisp croissant layers. It’s that good.

I also liked their walnut bread, especially after you warm it and slather butter all over it. Mmmm.

Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bread

lavender bakery ion sg

The Korean Garlic Cream Cheese bread is definitely one of my favorites at Lavender Bakery. I love the crunchy exterior of the bread with garlic tidbits. Inside, it’s filled with cream cheese. So creamy and garlicky! I wish they stuffed it with more cream cheese though.

While the rest are the usual mocha cakes, chocolate swirl, pineapple tarts… I think Lavender can be your everyday bakery and then some. But then Johan Paris still remains to be my favorite.

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6

lavender bakery ion orchard sg 6