Mister Donut popup store in Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886

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So Mister Donut opened a 1 month long popup store last July 15, 2022 in WAttention Plaza, Jurong Point Shopping Centre. The queue was unbearably long; the reported four hours is unjustifiable. Even I can’t imagine myself lining up for that amount of time.

(But of course, I can’t help but wonder why donuts seem to command a huge demand all the time. Randy’s Donuts also had about an hour to 2 hour waiting line back in Manila before running out of donuts for a couple of weeks. Even Krispy Kreme had that sort of welcoming a decade ago in Manila.)

If Japan remains inaccessible for the next month (I really don’t like the idea of packaged tours; why would I do that when I can navigate Japan on my own???), then you should queue if you’re missing Japan’s Mister Donuts. (Manila’s Mister Donuts, on the other hand, are different from these donuts, and hence, the lack of queues.)

Here’s what you can order at the Mister Donut popup store in Jurong Point Shopping Centre. Each person is only allowed to buy 10 pieces, as they only have 3500 pieces per day. Any 10 donuts for $22, and any 6 donuts for $13.5.

The Pon de Rings are a must order, because that’s what Japan’s Mister Donut is well-known for. Strawberry ($2.50) tastes good and so does the glazed one ($2.30). It has this mochi-like consistency for those of you wondering about its texture. That said, Japan’s fresh donuts are still softer than these.

Angel French cruller ($2.50) was better than the Pon de Ring IMO, and the icing really kicks me in the gut.

Other favorites like French Cruller ($2.30), Old Fashion ($2.30), Chocolate Fashion ($2.50) and Custard Cream ($2.50) are available too.

I think it’s worth getting the box of Mister Donuts in Singapore, given that it’s difficult to travel to Japan at this point. Japan’s border restrictions don’t look like it’s relaxing in the next month or so, so trekking to Jurong Point Shopping Centre is worth it. But also, a quick tip: queueing on weekdays is faster than weekends.