Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, Dempsey Hill, Singapore

Address: 13 Dempsey Rd, #01-03/04, Singapore 249674
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11:00am – 7:00pm, Friday – Sunday 11:00 – 11:00pm, Closed on Mondays
Official Website:
Instagram: mrbucketchocolaterie

There is a growing food trend in the patisserie scene. This time, chocolate. Remember third wave coffee shops? Now, chocolate is experiencing a renaissance.

I first noticed about this in the Philippines with Auro Chocolate Cafe (and they’ve been in the business for a while too). Before that, Mirzam in Dubai. Simply
put, chocolate (and its short supply) is stirring up demand in the world ala museum.

In Singapore, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie opening an outpost in Dempsey Hill signals a different era. Chocolate is the new coffee.

Doesn’t matter how thick the hot chocolate is. You’ll be drinking this, with or without the toasted marshmallow. 72% Single Origin means it’s coming from only one source. At Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, chocolate sources their cacao beans only from Asia — specifically, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. This hot chocolate in particular is made from cacao beans sourced in Kalinga, Apayao in the Philippines.

Didn’t I say the Philippines is uber rich in cacao beans? Especially those coming from Davao.

One of their popular desserts is the Chocolate Dome. It is a thick ganache and chocolate mousse encased in a chocolate exterior. Nuts were the best part of it, offering that crunch it badly needs. I found the Chocolate Dome to be too much.

I still think Eclipse at 51 Tras and Nesuto make some of the best chocolate desserts.

At Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, you can also DIY your own chocolate bar, either using milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I was given some free taste and could taste the sweetness and bitter aftertaste after each bite, which is a hallmark of good quality cacao beans. Let it be known I’m not a fan of chocolate bars. I prefer them in liquid form.

You can also do a tasting menu: from bean to cakes — yes, that whole farm-to-table rhetoric once more. (Cacao bean trees take some time to grow by the way.) Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie is educational for families coming with kids.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie is by no means like Lindt Home of Chocolate in Lucerne (and I don’t mean the unlimited chocolate). But I welcome the resurgence for love in chocolate.