MR RICH BAKERY Hong Kong: If You Don’t Like Lining Up at Jenny Bakery

Mr Rich Bakery Hong Kong butter cookies

Location: 2nd Floor, JD Mall, 233 Nathan Road, Hong Kong (Jordan MTR)
Telephone Number: 9659-7700
Whatsapp: 6071-9200
Facebook: Mr Rich Bakery
Instagram: mrrichbakery

MR RICH BAKERY Hong Kong: If You Don’t Like Lining Up at Jenny Bakery

Following the success of Jenny Bakery cookies, Mr Rich Bakery suddenly comes into picture. The latter is less sought after and the tin cans slightly smaller than the more popular one. But how does the taste compete with one another?

Mr Rich Bakery Hong Kong butter cookies

I have to thank Mr Rich Bakery for this thoughtful holiday gift. I appreciate the gesture and while I understand the intentions, I must remain honest to all of my readers. If you’ve been reading Candid Cuisine for quite some time, you know I don’t beat around the bush and shower you with flowery words.

Jenny Bakery versus Mr Rich Bakery

The verdict: Jenny Bakery’s butter cookies are still the King of butter cookies in Hong Kong. The cookies are finer in quality, and there’s less chunks of butter to be felt in every bite.

However, there are others who don’t understand the long, long lines that never seem to end everyday at Jenny Bakery.

For some of you, there wasn’t anything special with its taste. Sure it was buttery, flavorful and the coffee flavor doesn’t hurt, but would you queue one to two hours just for butter cookies?

Mainland China locals are willing to queue just to sell it back at their hometown. This is probably one of the reasons why Jenny Bakery has recently changed its rules ~ Each person can only buy two tin cans of butter cookies at a time.

If you have lots of money to spare, the stall beside Jenny Bakery at Sheung Wan sells the 4 mix butter cookies at HKD120. It’s outrageous, almost double its original price of HKD70. But when you’ve got no time to queue, perhaps Mr. Rich Bakery should save the day?

Butter Cookies – HKD 60

Mr Rich Bakery

Mr Rich Bakery’s butter cookies has six flavors: Butter, Malt, Coffee, Chocolate Marshmallow, Chocolate and Coffee Almond. The taste is extremely close to Jenny Bakery’s. If queueing is such a pain in the ass, you can reserve a tin can or two at Mr. Rich Bakery. They’re extremely active in Instagram and Whatsapp too. That’s going to save you loads of time.

Mr Rich Bakery’s pick up point is usually at the 2nd floor of the JD Mall at Nathan Road, but you can talk to them if you’d like to pick them up somewhere.

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