Nic & Tom Eatery, Chinatown, Singapore

Address: 6 Sago St, Singapore 059011
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am – 10:30pm
Official Website:

Now that Nic & Tom has relocated from Serangoon to a more convenient location in Chinatown, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to try out their highly raved cheap eats.

Who can resist $1.90 rice bowls? Even though the Tuckshop rice consisted of a fried egg, sauce and some crispy pork fat, I can’t deny it brings some childhood memories for me as well like it did for Nic & Tom. We had a cook one time who would fry pork fat and leave it under the sun to make it so crispy it was impossible to turn away.

But at Nic and Tom, I wanted more than just a $1.90 bowls. And the sesame pork buns were the immediate eye catching dish for me. The pork tasted so much like Paradise Dynasty’s pork in black bean sauce and pancakes for a terrific price of $3.90 per bun. While it’s a minimum of 3 pieces in a single order, it’s a must order for any group and I doubt you’d be satisfied with only 1 order.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist a really good braised pork rice no matter how many times I convinced myself to stop ordering it and try something new. There’s something comforting with a bowl of braised pork, especially if it’s pork trotters. I was bouncing between Pork Trotters Mee Sua ($6.90) or Pork Trotters Rice ($5.90), but decided the latter was better suited to my hungry stomach at that time.

And finally, I still had to order the Golden Prawn Rolls ($5.90), because always always order fried prawn balls or rolls or in whatever form if you can. Crispy dishes in Chinese eateries are irresistible.

Iced Kopi ($2) is one of the best, so make sure you get that but you might want to siew dai it as it’s too sweet for my liking.

Affordable. Wide variety. No complaints. Nic & Tom merits a return visit from me, especially to try the beloved Cheese Scallop Bee Hoon, so thick I’d probably go back for a third.

P.S. Always come in big groups to try a little bit of everything and don’t resist to overorder.