Okashi Gaku, Japan’s Most Popular Canned Cakes in Singapore

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard 03-306/307, 310 – 316, #331 Suntec City, 038983
Opening Hours: 24/7
Instagram: okashigaku.sg
Official Website: okashigaku.official.ec

Japanese food is a cult. It has always been for the past decade. And no force of nature can actually stop it, even a pandemic.

It’s hard to say when Japanese food rose to such popularity, but I can attribute it to the final decade before A.P. (After Pandemic), when Japan opened its doors wide open, courtesy of Abenomics. There was hardly a single brand that failed when launched outside of its fatherland. Traveling to Japan became a yearly pilgrimage — Hanami, Koyo, to a lesser extent Obon (Myself included) — to metropolitan cities and off-the-beaten paths in prefectures alike. Suffice to say, lose your grip and you find yourself lost in Japan’s religion.

It’s probably the only religion that remains untouched during the pandemic.

Enter the beer can cakes. In Shibuya, the beer can gods and cake gods decided to gift Japan with these beer can cakes. And everyone went nutters. Well, who wouldn’t? It’s a creative way of eating desserts 24/7 au pandemic. Contactless. DIY. TikTok-able. Best of all, guiltless pleasures. Because what are the two things we learned during this massive waste of time and life? Beer cans and bake free tiramisu’s.

Which eventually landed in Singapore. And everyone lined up for it. Including me.

I didn’t get the free cans almost all bloggers were given with. But that didn’t stop me from creating a TikTok that outpaced these TikTokers.

Starring Matcha Cake. You gotta scoop all the way to the bottom to reach the best part — adzuki beans.

Fuwa. Love the mangoes. And cream. A bit meh.

Mango Chocolate. I don’t like it one bit.

and Custard Pudding. My personal favorite. It’s one giant creme brulee.

Voiceover by King Charles III. Hello 143k views and counting. And I paid for it, Okashi Gaku. Nobody gave me beer can cakes. *sticks out tongue*

@candidcuisine Replying to @candidcuisine Eating my cake like King Charles III #okashigaku #beercan #wheretoeat #japanesefood #caketok #japanese #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – BeeZ

So dear Okashi Gaku, you picked the wrong bloggers to hype up the cans. Hahaha. See how the line vanishes after a week of launch…

But perhaps it was too darn pricey. Or the overhyped state of this A.P. Japanese culture relic. Or we’re just all yearning for Japan pilgrimages. Or who would want to eat beer can cakes when you can go out and about with a fresh slice of strawberry shortcake?

@Okashi Gaku, don’t spread your vending machines all over Singapore. You’ll end up with rotten cakes. Just 1 vending machine. Demand is king.