Pedra Alta, Rue Marbeuf, Paris, France

Address: 25 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris, France
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00pm – 1:00am
Official Website:

I’m not a fan of Pedra Alta. This popular Lisbon-based restaurant has snaking lines for dinner service every single damn day. Of course, I couldn’t resist to see what all the fuzz is about. I like the feel of the restaurant inside, away from the usual French bistro interiors and into something a bit more global. Portuguese is a good break from croissants and baguettes. Shows that Paris has stretched itself a lot in terms of palate compared to twenty something years ago. But it all ends there.

At Pedra Alta, you can expect house bread, an expectation for any Parisienne and so they absolutely must do it as well. Except, you can’t really eat a lot now if you chomp on those bread, can you?

Because the portion sizes at Pedra Alta are just so MASSIVE.

I mean, I almost died when I saw the portion sizes. I. Do. Not. Like. This. At. All.

And no word of warning from the waitstaff! Don’t act dumb dumb and pretend you’re apathetic and just exist to take our orders. You’re supposed to tell us if it’s too much or too few for a group! I’d take a rude waitstaff than a robotic one, thank you very much!

Half portion of meat is just downright ridiculous. This isn’t half at all.

And I don’t mind if it’s good. It wasn’t even that good. Why are you guys lining up for this shit? I’ve had better grilled meat!

Even the pork was horrendous. I expect Paris has better quality of pork. But this is just way way too overcooked, tough to chew and disgusting. I lost my appetite after this…

And regained them a bit with the lamb chops. Okay, they were nicely done and tender.

The shrimps were amazing. I’d give them that. If you’re ever eating at Pedra Alta, just eat the seafood. Stay away from the meat. The restaurant seems too damn angry about their meat supplies and want everything to go to waste.

The worst part of the meal were the fries. This ain’t l’entrecote. Don’t dump it all and just feed us with useless starch. And they don’t say they serve mariscos along with the dishes. I haven’t had mariscos since a Portuegese restaurant in Taipa, Macau.

Meanwhile, I was ecstatic when the loup de mer came out… Recall I had the most fantastic fish in New York.

Again, ridiculous portion sizes, what in the actual fuck. Are you feeding us with a whole shark?! Are giants eating here?

The freshness? It’s not even close to New York’s Estiatorio Milos.

We still managed to sneak in some dessert. Because I was curious about their natas aka Portuguese egg tarts.

And they were not the best. I’ve tried Pasteis de Belem’s natas before so I know this isn’t what Portuguese egg tarts are supposed to taste like. So far from the OG.

If there’s one thing I hate when it comes to food, it’s food wastage. Sure enough, we packed all of the leftovers back home, but it wasn’t that edible anymore. The bread? Nope, I’m sure the restaurant threw it all away. The fries? Threw them all away. This restaurant needs to check in the mental hospital. It’s disgusting.