Pink Mamma, Paris, France

Address: 20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00pm – 4:45 pm, 6:45 – 11:00pm
Official Website:
Pink Mamma menu

In your trip to Paris, you make a pact to eat in two of its most popular restaurants: Carette and Pink Mamma. You muster up a game plan. Booked a table. Check.

You come by the restaurant earlier than usual, even with a restaurant booking, because you know you still have to line up for the best seats in the house. But that said, it’s all part of some sort of ceremony as they open the doors to you and you climb up the winding staircase to the topmost floor. Here, you are greeted with garden interiors. Possibly, the most popular restaurant on TikTok.

You instantly know what to order, because TikTok is full of them. But you don’t deter yourself from ordering a Burrata al Pesto Rosso. Big burrata of 250 grams filled with pesto rosso, served with a crunchy fried pane carasau, a typical Sardinian bread, dried chilli pepper and basil on top.

And finally the mains are worth looking forward to. You go crazy and order five different kinds of pasta.


Crazy busiate with fresh basil pesto, smoked stracciatella and candied datterini tomatoes.


Mafalde fresche, fresh seasonal truffle, black truffle cream, mascarpone and small mushrooms.

And you couldn’t get enough of the mascarpone and black truffle cream, and insist on topping it with additional straciatella.


A sea wind blows in your direction: spaghetti quadrati with mussels and clams, datterini tomatoes from Sicily directly from our producer Giuseppe.

Duck Ragout Pappardelle


San Marzano tomato sauce, ham cooked with herbs from our good supplier Branchi, button mushrooms, mozza fior di latte and chives.

And while La Reine du Sud satisfies pizza cravings, you still ordered another MAMMARGHERITA pizza because the dough is just that damn good. Mozza fior di latte, San Marzano tomato sauce, parmigiano, basil.

Pasta overload in the heart of Paris. You now wonder why the French are so skinny. And then you realize it’s just you.