Platform 1094, Serangoon Road, Singapore

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays, Daily 11:00am – 10:00pm
Official Website:

Because I’ve been missing Harry Potter stuff (Harry Potter Broadway store in NYC, Warner Bros Studios in London, Wizarding World in Orlando and Osaka), and because NBC Universal doesn’t have a patch of land to build Harry Potter World in tiny Singapore… I’m left with Platform 1094, a quirky magical themed cafe that promises more than mediocre, gimmicky dishes.

Platform 1094 surprised me a lot. One, I hated the Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch ale (non-alcoholic). I thought I was going to like it, but it ended up being some sort of ice cream soda that lacked fizz.

Two, I didn’t expect my Fireball Whisky Chicken to be flambeed tableside. Who roasts chicken further after it’s roasted? But I decided it wasn’t just a gimmick, because those burnt texture added depth to the outer chicken skin. Surprisingly, the grilled veggies were well done, and the beetroot puree matched the chicken breast.

Three, my book of spells brownie appeared to be truly from hell. Sweet Treats from the Wizarding World. The staff neglected to tell me that whatever was in the cauldron isn’t edible, but good thing I was old enough to have some common sense, but really, kids should be warned it isn’t edible. The brownie was dry. Props for making it look like from Charmed.

Tons of surprises at Platform 1094, whose namesake comes from its address 1094 Serangoon Road. They’re not technically allowed to use any Harry Potter branding, but anyone smart can see that the decorations are all Harry Potter-esque.

Halloween participants should come in costume. It’s the only place where you can’t be judged and concoct potions to your heart’s desires.

P.S. The interiors reminded me of Union Hall, a bar I frequented along Union Street in Brooklyn. That’s where you can play Italian Bocce ball. Maybe that’s a blog for another time.