Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Makati City 2014 #CandidCuisine

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Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Makati City 2014

I’ve got more Makati City restaurants in my latest article, 50 Restaurants in Try in Metro Manila Before 2015 Ends.

It would be quite unfair for those in the South if I don’t release a similar feature to my Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Quezon City post. These two cities are not alike, and thus each of its gastronomic adventures vary greatly. Each has its own popularity factor. While Quezon City is loved for its laid back atmosphere, Makati City is loved for its fast paced, city vibe that I admit, is one of the best qualities I love about the city.

There’s a love hate relationship with the city of Makati. We love that its home to some of the best restaurants in the Philippines, and the fact that tourists, more often than not, are impressed of how beautiful Makati is, when they’ve heard of Manila quite differently when its portrayed in the media. Such towering buildings and malls make it a better place. Then there’s the 7am to 10am morning traffic in Makati during weekdays that people absolutely loathe and curse, plus the 5pm to 10pm rush hour that makes it harder to secure a reservation at a restaurant in Makati City. You’ll never get everyone for dinner at exactly 6pm.

But besides all that, like I said, if one has to ask where to eat in Makati City, the choices are endless. From boulangeries to specialty coffee shop to decade old ramen restaurants like Shinjuku Ramen House that has been around for forever ~ it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are the best restaurants in Makati City. We can all agree that all of these restaurants put their best foot forward to put up a great reputation for its mid to high clienteles, something that isn’t present in other cities.

Again, the list below, in no particular order, doesn’t imply these are the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Makati City. I will say that a million times if I can simply because there are those who would criticise how flawed a list is. But these are based on where people go to, what people look for over the internet. Those who are from Makati are even more internet savvy and are always connected, and across all demographics. And I am pretty sure they have these apps installed their phones to help them find the best restaurant in Manila.

So, here are the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Makati City this 2014. Some are quite old, but this 2014 they still continue to gather more information about them, because then the more we love a restaurant, the more we’d like to get to know more about them. 😉

1. Tim Ho Wan 添好運, Glorietta

Why people search for Tim Ho Wan in Glorietta: “I don’t want to go to SM Megamall and waste my time looking for a parking space.”

Tim Ho Wan Philippines

Tim Ho Wan Glorietta has just opened this week! And the lines are really, really, really long. People from Makati City are already getting hefty tired of going all the way to SM Megamall just to find out they have to fall in line for 2 hours. And we can all agree, this should divide the crowd into two long queues.

2. Mad Marks Creamery and Good Eats, Glorietta 5

Why people search for Mad Marks: Easily becomes the Most Affordable Steak restaurant in Makati City
For those not from Makati City: There’s always a branch at Kapitolyo, but of course if you want to shop at Glorietta, no one’s stopping you.

Everyone loves a bang for their buck, and Mad Marks, what used to be an ice cream specialty house, hits two birds in one stone: Steak Lovers and Family get togethers (because kids love ice cream). The allure of a restaurant that offers a mean steak with value for money side dishes brings a lot of love to Mad Marks. And a longer waiting time too.

3. Banapple, Ayala Triangle Gardens

Why people search for Banapple: The Ultimate Comfort Food Restaurant in Makati City
For those not from Makati City: A branch at Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato or Banapple Too, Katipunan should save you gas money.

most popular restaurants in makati city

Banapple isn’t new, but the restaurant is well loved by employees working in every building in every corner of Makati City. Employees won’t mind walking far away and get soaked under the sun waiting in line just for Banapple’s Chicken Parmigiano. (And just a secret between you and me, I don’t think the new comfort food restaurants in Makati City have emulated Banapple’s success yet.)

4. Ukokkei Ramen Ron, Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village

Why people search for Ukkokei: Best Ramen Restaurant in Makati City
For those not from Makati City: Better grab that last Tantanmen bowl

ukokkei ramen restaurant in makati
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While some say, Ukokkei’s ramen chef hates those taking photos of the Tantanmen, we simply couldn’t stop spreading the love of their ramen in Instagram. And as early as 1pm for lunch, Ukokkei’s tantanmen gets sold out, which makes it a very popular place for Filipinos.

5. Toby’s Estate, L.P. Leviste, Salcedo Village

Why people search for Toby’s Estate: It’s hip and new and IN
For those not from Makati City: If you happen to be in the area only

Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters Manila restaurants in makati

And don’t we all love to be in fashion? Toby’s Estate presents itself as the smartest and hippest third wave coffee shop to get your Long Black and Flat White and that regular latte art we love to share on Facebook. Toby’s Estate is extremely popular during afternoons, when the regular Makati employee wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

6. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, Salcedo Village

Why people search for Gino’s: Ultimate Restaurant for Large Groups
For those not from Makati City: Worth lining up for that Burrata

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza Salcedo Village restaurants in makati

While Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza already has a branch in Katipunan, it never did hit off as popular as it is right now in Bautista Street, Salcedo Village. Surprisingly, 90% of the time, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza is full house, with expatriates occupying the restaurant. Foreigners agree that Gino’s can even be called the best pizza in Manila. If you ask me, I’d always return for that Bianca Verde and Honey Bacon Gouda, and smother it with spiced honey. Yum.

7. La Cabrera Manila, 6750, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Why people search for La Cabrera: World’s top restaurant opens a branch in Manila. #itsmorefuninthePhilippines
For those not from Makati City: A huge yes. You need to try out La Cabrera.

La Cabrera Manila restaurants in makati

Why wouldn’t people search for La Cabrera? It’s simply one of the best Latin American restaurants in the world, and there’s no place else La Cabrera wants to build a home, than in the heart of Makati City. In its first week, the entire of Manila is extremely curious about La Cabrera, and reservations are absolutely necessary in order to dine at one of World’s 50 Best Restaurants. That Provoleta Cheese must not be missed.

8. CaliBurger, Century City Mall

Why people search for CaliBurger: Overhyped
For those not from Makati City: Don’t even bother visiting their Timog branch.

Caliburger Philippines restaurants in makati

CaliBurger is indeed popular, except people are damn disappointed with its bland, expensive burgers. Within its first month, CaliBurger started lacking its ouster and its Timog branch is almost always empty all the time. But here’s the surprise. There are still people who look for CaliBurger at Century City Mall. I call it a case of overhype and one that should never be revisited again.

9. 71 Gramercy, Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue

Why people search for 71 Gramercy: Manila’s Highest Restaurant Slash Club to Get High
For those not from Makati City: For those who want to get wasted

71 Gramercy Bar in Makati
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It’s no surprise that 71 Gramercy is one of the popular clubs nowadays. The New York style bar and lounge by the guys behind Opus and Prive certainly know what they’re doing and every day, with Villages/Vices and Saturday Fun Machine makes it a top contender for the best bar in Makati City.

10. Izakaya Kikufuji, Pasong Tamo

Why people search for Kikufuji: Best Sushi Restaurant in Makati City
For those not from Makati City: This should be in your restaurants bucket list

kikufuji restaurant in makati
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You don’t need to head all the way to Tokyo just to get some near-to-authentic sushi because Izakaya Kikufuji at Little Tokyo, Pasong Tamo can give you that bowl of chirashizushi with Uni that you’ve always been craving. While their sushi the best effort version of being “fresh”, you can also get yakitori and sake which should be enough to give you your Japanese fix.

11. Bonus: Salcedo Market, Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Why people search for Salcedo Market: Everyone’s favorite past time, eating.
For those not from Makati City: A new way to spend your Saturday morning

salcedo market restaurant in makati
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Saturday mornings are great because of Salcedo Market, where it’s been around for more than 3 years already. It’s a classic favourite destination for those who want to just eat affordable foods like Pomelo Salad, Burritos, and all kinds of finger food that will make your Saturdays all worthwhile.

12. Bonus: Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Greenbelt 3

Why people search for Teddy’s Bigger Burgers: Not one single burger restaurant has claimed the crown for the Best Burger in Manila
For those not from Makati City: Try the burger and see for yourself

teddys bigger burgers philippines restaurants in makati

It’s barely a month from opening, but Teddy’s Bigger Burgers seems to have gotten the approval of many burger lovers and foodies, not just in Makati but in Manila. It’s massive 5oz, 7oz and 9oz grass fed Angus burgers smothered with Teri special sauce should perk your interest. That and the Kilauea fire sauce. And many say, it looks like they’ve found the best burger in Makati City.

Top 12 Most Popular Restaurants in Makati City, a handful beginning to be classic and several newcomers! And still the city continues to become a favorite place for Filipinos to wine and dine.

How many have you tried in this list? What restaurants do you think should be in this list? Let me know your thoughts here on Candid Cuisine!

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