Prive Orchard, Singapore

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Prive, Orchard Road, Singapore

Address: 501 Orchard Rd, #01-K1, Singapore 238880
Official Website:
Facebook: Prive Orchard

There are a few restaurants in my blog that are my favorites. In other words, these restaurants have done so well in almost all aspects that I have to give them a five star rating. Then there are those restaurants that really fall flat, below my expectations. It’s my duty to give a credible and trustworthy review. I don’t want to color my review with something else just because plenty of people are eating in the restaurant.

prive singapore 1

Prive is one of those restaurants that seem to attract the expatriates in Singapore, especially at its Wheelock Place store. With its outdoor, corner location, its the perfect place to grab a bite, lounge, sip cocktails and people-watch. And you have to wonder, if it’s actually attracting these kinds of patrons, perhaps, the quality meets their expectations.

This was just below my mark.

prive singapore 3

Portion size? Alright. Chips and arugula salad, that’s alright. But I guess, there are no words when I’ve literally had to eat a jawbreaker sandwich.

This photo tells it all.

prive singapore 2

Maybe the wholemeal toast was old. Still, I can’t believe I paid SGD 15++ for a sandwich I could have done at home. It was so hard to chew, the toast stacked against another quite high and I think a big, burly Caucasian may be the only one who can eat this kind of club sandwich.

I don’t think these guys understand that in order for club sandwich to be good, the bread needs to be good! Just like your burger needs to have perfect buns, right?

“How was your food?”

I was asked in the middle of me wrestling with the sandwich. Sorry, I don’t have words, and my mouth is too busy to chew. I cannot wait to end my meal.

So long Prive, I am never coming back. What an epic disappointment.

Maybe that’s the reason why I never saw anyone eat. Everyone was sipping cider and cocktails. (Mind you, I don’t think they have Mimosas, which was a let down for me.)