Puzzle Coffee, ION Orchard, Singapore

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, B1-38/39 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm
Instagram: thepuzzlecoffee

Puzzle Coffee Singapore Menu

So yeah, edible cups. Totally get the thinking behind it. Drink your latte, eat the cup, no more waste.

Really, no more waste from coffee cups?

These edible cups are made of oats and grains. Great thinking to add more grain consumption and add to the growing world food shortage. More oats. Use up more water just like almond milk. We are all fine with drought.

The concept is really good, but I wish I can say the same with the taste. It literally tastes like cardboard. Rustic like wine corks. Dry like my wooden coaster. Bravo.

My Biscoff Latte did nothing to make it better, which was basically just steamed cow’s milk and powdered biscoff cookie on top of it. No coffee. Okay, perhaps, that wasn’t really latte per se, but I would appreciate something in it, other than making me pay $6.50 for a cup of steamed milk.

Folks, if you want to make money, put up a hipster millennial coffee stall. Sell fancy black sesame lattes, purple sweet lattes, and biscoff lattes. Charge your customers premium price point. You’ve fooled people into thinking they’re drinking Melbourne’s best coffee beans. Might as well rake the highest profit margins with steamed milk and powdered biscuit. And sell them environmental friendly coffee cups.

For $9.50.

Really, well done, Puzzle Coffee.

Rating: -1/10