Rating System

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Like other food review websites, Candid Cuisine also employs a rating system to ensure a just and unbiased review. Previously, restaurants were rated as “Recommended” or “Not Recommended”, however, this is too broad and confusing.

Candid Cuisine’s Rating System composes of 4 factors, each graded subjectively on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. These are then added and an average is taken to produce the Overall Rating.

New Rating System as of April 24, 2014

  • Taste and Originality: Originality of the Cuisine balanced with the Taste of the Dishes plus the right amount of Variety in Menu
  • Customer Experience: Uniqueness of whole Experience including Second-to-none Customer Service.
  • Value for Money: Affordability and Rational Pricing. Does the price of the food match the ingredients?
  • Brick and Mortar: Ambience and the Aura the restaurant exudes, making sure customers are comfortable in their seats.

It is important to note that each restaurant is graded according to its own category and cuisine. Meaning, a fast food American joint graded as 2/5 cannot be compared to a casual dining Chinese restaurant graded at 2/5.

Likewise with the 2 examples below. Both Crystal Jade and Jamie’s Italian have been graded as 3/5 in Overall Rating. However, both cannot be compared as Crystal Jade is of Asian cuisine and buffet category, while Jamie’s Italian is of Italian and Casual Dining restaurant category. Best to keep this in mind.

Crystal Jade Steamboat Buffet and Xiao Long Bao Rating

Crystal Jade

Jamie’s Italian Rating

Jamie's Italian

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