Sloppy B, Galaxis one-north, Singapore

Address: 1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-20 building, Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 2:30pm

Sloppy B Menu

I swear the area of one-north in Singapore is a godforsaken piece of land. 3 years ago, I swore I will never to return to this area, but here I am again… My office is “funfortunately” located here. And I swear to god (I’m going to swear a lot in this blog post, apparently), I condemn the food choices here. (Apart from Runes Coffee, which has my favorite Bulgogi rice bowl so far.)

The food gods have deserted this part of Singapore. Workers here are in a perpetual demise. Even Timbre has lost its gastronomic allure over the years. Super packed during lunch hours and the food selection is mediocre, enough to only tide you through afternoon meetings, but never to satiate your appetite.

I wish the government would turn their eye to this place. Silicon Valley is never happening, dear Republic of Singapore. This is poorly executed, no matter how many -polis you replace the bushy patches of land.

No matter how many new restaurants pop up, the food choices always seem scarce at one-north. Such is a tragic story.

Just check out this deceptively delicious huge bowl of 5 spice pork rice bowl at Bowl Chap, a Japanese eatery located inside Galaxis. Don’t put your hopes too high as I did; the pork tasted bland. I have no idea what they put in the sauce, but I have no words to describe the taste as well. Because it tasted… nothing. Neither salty nor bitter nor sour nor spicy. Pork was too tough to chew.

I’m never going back to Bowl Chap. Strike the restaurant from your list.

Meanwhile, Bowl Chap’s sister sando place across the alley, Sloppy B, isn’t so sloppy at all (though the stuffing falls sloppily because of its bread choice; we’ll get to that in a second). Finally, one-north is finally waking up from its reverie and jumping on the sando bandwagon. Still not quite Korio, Sando, Hello Arigato or 46 Mittsu, but be happy to hear that Sloppy B is almost there. Quasi.

Their crowd favorite Chickpacito is tex-mex-inspired with avocado puree, spiced chili con pollo, garlic aioli and lettuce/tomato medley tucked in a ciabatta.

But the bread choice is the absolute worst. Nobody uses ciabatta bread anymore, because airlines have ruined them for life serving skinny sandwiches for economy passengers. It’s passé!

Why not go for brioches or shokupans? Everyone’s doing them already. It’s not that hard to source from shokupan suppliers. At $10.90, it’s better than my $15 Spiced Pork Bowl. No, I don’t like eating a construction worker meal for lunch during workdays, and $15 is hardly affordable for a salaried professional in one-north.

I’m eager to try more, but I’m a bit hesitant to return because of the ciabatta, because the well-executed sandos are made with the right choice of bread.

That said, Sloppy B is a welcome addition to sandwich crowds looking for other options aside from Kraftwich, which has gone ridiculous with their choice of rye bread… but I’ll save that for another blog post.

P.S. one-north, when are you ever going to wake up?