SYIP, Owen Road, Singapore

Address: 79 Owen Rd, Singapore 218895
Opening Hours: Daily 9:00am – 6:00pm, Closed on Thursdays

On a wet day, I forced myself to trek all the way to Farrer Park, a place I rarely venture out for discovery walks. Parallel roads Owen Road and Rangoon Road are blessed by the food gods that it’s getting harder not to find a worthy place to stay in the area for good. Most especially, SYIP. The minimalist brunch / cafe draws out long lines each day they’re open, save for Thursdays when they’re not.

Rain or shine, everyone wants their own SYIP White, a steeply-priced creamy concoction thicker than most bubble teas. I’m one who drinks iced lattes on a meteor shower, and SYIP convinced me to get it. With cream as thick as 51 Tras‘, you can’t go wrong with this cup, although for anyone with a hangover, the caffeine won’t even jolt you a fourth of a joule. It’s a pleasurable drink with generous chocolate shavings that hardly melts at the bottom, so you always seek for the sweetness of mocha that will never come.

And while the coffee is enough to entertain me, I am thankful the food gods brought the best chicken mushroom egg croissant on the planet. Lush, dripping and pillowy, the portion size of SYIP’s chicken mushroom egg croissant is enough for me who likes to go for small indulges nowadays instead of an eating binge. I learn to appreciate every bite of the croissant, equal parts flaky and drenched with mushroom sauce. The dish is ingeniously plated with its pincers holding both ends of the scrambled egg and the body in between. I would gladly eat this on any day.

I wish SYIP would open another store, somewhere more accessible, where I can grab a takeaway cup for long thinking walks or gorge on the highly raved Kahlua Tiramisu. But then we all know what happens when a store expands. Quality contracts.