TAI HING Roasts 太興飲食集團, Hong Kong

Tai Hing Hong Kong

Location: Shop 1, G/F, Cigna Tower, 470-484 Jaffe Rd., Causeway Bay | List of Locations
Official Website: www.taihingroasts.com.hk
Telephone Number: +852 2577 7038
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 07:30am – 12:00am

When in Hong Kong, there are a few default restaurants that people go to when they have run out of options where to eat. I think Tai Hing falls under that category. It’s no surprise that there are occasional lines that form outside their restaurant, since the prices are relatively cheap.

Five Star Roast Pork – HKD 52

Tai Hing Hong Kong

The skin wasn’t crunchy, so I was disappointed with their roast pork. It felt like it was left in the open for too long.

Roast Goose – HKD 52

Tai Hing Hong Kong

The skin of the roast goose is not very crispy but it’s flavorful. It’s not the best roast goose in Hong Kong, but Tai Hing’s cheap version will satisfy those cravings for a while.

Barbecue Pork in Pork Stewed Sauce – HKD 42

Tai Hing Hong Kong

I liked Tai Hing’s Barbecue Pork best.

On the other hand, you must order their Naicha/Milk Tea. They put it in a bowl filled with ice to keep it chilled instead of the ice in the drink, so the milk tea won’t get diluted.

Tai Hing Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 2.5” “Customer Experience: 3” “Value for Money: 3.5” “Brick and Mortar: 3”]