Tenjin, Raffles City, Singapore

tenjin singapore

Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, Raffles City Singapore Shopping Centre, #B1, 46, 179103
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Official Website: tenjin.com.sg

Joining the onslaught of Japanese brands entering the F&B foray in Singapore is Tenjin. Tenjin isn’t a foreign brand though; it’s by the Les Amis group — the same restaurant group behind Tarte by Cheryl Koh, Lino Pizza and Pasta Bar, Les Amis and Bistro du Vin fame. I thought it was interesting they’re breaking ground in the Japanese food market via tempura set meals, because it isn’t their specialty.

So I was pleasantly surprised that Tenjin had an edge to compete against Tempura Makino and Tenya, two well-known tempura hotspots in Singapore who fry their tempuras on the spot. I daresay I preferred Tenjin’s tempura more than the latter, despite their similarities in set meal. Light batter for its tempura — prawns, eggplant, asparagus, butternut pumpkin, mushroom, and of course, the freedom range onsen egg. Add to that the really attractive price point for a tendon meal at $14.80 ($19.80 for 5 prawns), Tenjin builds a strong following for tempura lovers. I’d say if you want a bigger portion, Tempura Makino wins on this regard. But for me, the portion size of Tenjin was enough, and some customers couldn’t even finish the Moriawase set.

tenjin singapore

But what really made me impressed wasn’t the tempura. It wasn’t the tare sauce coating the tempura. It was the rice. And the rice drizzled with tare sauce (either regular or spicy) was an addicting bite. I thought it tasted like glutinous rice for a second. It sat in the middle of sweet and salty, a well-balance taste that made me finish the entire bowl, to my surprise.

Solo diners would be happy at Tenjin. The atmosphere is peaceful for a contemplative meal and enjoyable for small families and couples. Another Japanese restaurant for you to add in your bucket list.