Tiger Sugar Singapore – Brown Sugar Boba

Address: Paragon, 290 Orchard Road #B1-29, Singapore
Instagram: tigersugarsg
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Tiger Sugar Singapore – Brown Sugar Boba

Brown sugar boba is all the craze nowadays. I picked up this trend back at The Alley in HK, but as it turns out, it’s more than just the brown sugar boba trending. Apparently, milk is trending. Yes, it’s no longer milk tea, but just MILK.

The land of bubble teas, Taiwan, decided to bestow upon us an innovative drink.

When you’re buying SGD 5.30 for just milk, it sounds a bit ridiculous. But the line for Tiger Sugar is even more ridiculous. The world has definitely gone mad.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk – SGD 5.3

The Tiger Sugar staff must have been really frustrated with me when I didn’t know what to order when I noticed it was just milk and they didn’t have milk tea (except milk lattes).

There was nothing extraordinary drinking milk and brown sugar other than the fact I felt duped once again by the Instagrammable trend. “Shake the drink 15x before you drink” is a surefire way to get you really interested.

It was so sweet. It was one of those places where I’d try it once and never try it again.

I’ll stick to my usual milk tea at Gong Cha.