10 Classic Halo Halo Desserts in Metro Manila to Beat the Summer Heat

top 10 halo halo in manila 9

Don’t you wish we can all bring a portable freezer where we can put ourselves in it under the heat of the sun? It’s becoming impossible to walk outdoors because of the unbearable heat! On a bright note, there’s more Razon to eat Halo Halo! (Originally named “Halu-halo”, the stylized “Halo Halo” came into popularity with Chowking’s marketing campaign. Everyone now refers to this legendary dessert as Halo Halo.)

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That was my snap from one of my go-to places for Halo-halo, Razon’s. I’m not a fan of flamboyant bowls with countless variants of gulaman and kaong. In fact, I’m willing to forego the banana, all in favor of only its finely crushed ice and rich carabao’s milk. But it won’t be just the same without a plethora of ingredients.

While its origins aren’t purely Filipino, Halo-halo remains the single most in-demand dessert when it comes to the summer ~ or in our case, extended summer. We all know how Anthony Bourdain loves this Filipino “invention”.

Screw those designer ice creams with 101 flavors, those pretentious Bingsu and what-have-yous. It’s time to go back to basics. The Halo-halo reigns supreme!

Whether you’re a fan of ice cream or the simplistic leche flan on top to beat the summer heat, these 10 places are the surefire way to transport you to ice paradise.

1. Razon’s of Guagua

Location: list of stores
Price: P105
Instagram: razonsofguagua

top 10 halo halo in manila 9
Photo Credits: candidcuisine on Instagram

Razon’s now has a “Junior” size Halo-halo for only P85! To those who love to split the regular sized Halo Halo (P105), you don’t have to fight over a single piece of leche flan with this Junior size.

2. Corazon Hispano Filipino Cuisine

Location: Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Mandaluyong City
Price: P125

While Corazon’s Halo Halo doesn’t have an ice cream on top, you can order separately a scoop of Ube (yam) to go along with their humongous bowl of iced dessert.

3. The Lobby at Manila Peninsula

Location: The Peninsula Manila, Ayala Ave, Makati City
Price: P600
Instagram: ThePeninsulaManila

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Ah, when one talks about banana splits and Halo Halo desserts, Manila Peninsula’s The Lobby never fails to be part of the conversation. And it’s overflowing scoops of ice cream on top of a generous serving of Halo-halo Harana is great for sharing. For P600 per serving of Halo Halo, this is one ostentatious dessert to splurge during the summer.

4. Icebergs

Location: list of stores
Price: P128
Instagram: icebergsph

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Icebergs was once the frozen yogurt and milk tea of the 90’s but its mainstream favorite, Super Halo Halo, still remains the undisputed winner throughout all seasons. While the ingredients might have been scrimped over time, Super Halo Halo’s milk and ube flavors mix so well with cornflakes and corn ~ my personal favorite too!

5. Kabigting’s

Location: 528 Banawe Street, corner Calamba, Quezon City
Price: P75
Facebook: Kabigting’s

Just like Razon’s, Kabigting’s hails from Pampanga, and is no less than a minimalist in its own Halo Halo craft as well. With its brave trio of ingredients mashed beans, corn and carabao’s milk, it seriously puts a good running against Razon’s, especially when it hits you right in the stomach with too few ingredients.

6. Aling Banang’s

Location: N. Domingo, San Juan
Price: P50 (Halo-halo Special)
Facebook: Aling Banang’s

For over 80 years, Aling Banang’s never fails to reach the hearts of the Filipinos with its simple Halo Halo concoction down to its sweet kamotes. Oh yum.

7. Chowking

Location: list of branches
Price: P79 (Regular); P110 (Special)

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Photo Credits

A Halo Halo piece ain’t complete without Chowking and its Super Sangkap Halo Halo. While the crushed ice can be a little rough at the edges, lovers of ice seem to enjoy sipping milk in between. What’s more, add only P50 to your meals to get an order of Halo Halo.

8. Aristocrat Restaurant

Location: 432 San Andres Street Corner Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila
Price: P150 (special); P125 (regular)
Instagram: aristocrat_ph
Facebook: The Original Aristocrat Restaurant

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Photo Credits

Where else can you eat Halo Halo in the middle of the night? This treasured restaurant is open for 24 hours!

9. Milky Way Cafe Restaurant

Location: 2nd Floor, Milkyway Building 900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road) corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Price: P175

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Photo Credits

While Milky Way’s special Filipino dishes Crispy Hito and Crispy Pata may have been our everyday food, their Halo Halo is the ultimate getaway from the daily routine since 1975. One shouldn’t miss this former dairy bar’s ice cream.

10. Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Location: Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Price: P90
Facebook: FCM Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

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Photo Credits

While Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan might be awfully tempting to write about, this piece is all about Halo Halo. And it won’t be complete with Nathaniel’s to die for Halo Halo dessert that won’t disappoint you. Of course, if it comes to the squeeze, best get the Buko Pandan as a second helping.

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