TRIPLE Os by White Spot: Canada’s Most Popular Burger Chain Arrives in Manila, Philippines @TripleOsPH

Triple os manila Philippines

Location: 3rd Floor SM Megamall Atrium; SM Aura Premier (Soon to Open); UP Town Center
Official Website:
Facebook: Triple Os PH
Instagram: TripleOsPH

Triple Os Menu

For someone who has never tried Triple Os in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong or China, Nat Bailey is a stranger to them. To me, Nat Bailey is the legend and heart behind Triple Os that I was hoping to find at the newly opened Triple Os flagship branch in SM Megamall Atrium here in Manila, Philippines.

Triple os manila Philippines

Long before the age of Colonel Sanders and KFC chicken, Canada owes its very first drive through restaurant to Nat Bailey and the carhop type of restaurant experience that we get to watch in 1920 films. While that sort of innovation in history brings grainy, black and white memories and old school American diners, Triple Os is now a fast growing, commercialized burger chain with more than 130 restaurants across Asia and Canada, pushing its very best to be the #1 burger spot for you.

What Triple Os stand for

The name Triple Os is taken from Nat Bailey’s car-hop system where they indicate three “Os” if a customer wanted extra of everything else, specifically Nat Bailey’s secret sauce.

So what can you expect from Triple Os here in Manila? The secret sauce and the personalized experience that the customers get more of… If they are able to duplicate that experience successfully.

A Review of Triple Os Manila, Philippines branch

I just had to find out.

There’s a large bridge between legend and execution.

I love burgers as much as I love my sushi. It’s a known fact that I would choose to eat burgers and sandwiches over rice meals. I liked CaliBurger’s burger on my first try, but it was a chain I didn’t look forward to going anymore, as it wasn’t worth my visit. I hope that Triple Os doesn’t become CaliBurger Number 2.

Triple os manila Philippines

Triple Os setup is like your regular fast food chain, except, you just have to pay more.

Triple Os menu is without a doubt exceedingly expensive. Triple Os Original Burger sandwich costs P200 alone, a combo will take you to P290 with drinks and fries. A 2-piece Dippin Chicken fingers costs P100. Triple Cheese Pasta at P175 and a 1 piece Buttermilk Chicken Combo with Rice at P215 were added to the menu to cater to the demands of the Filipino market, but it was again expensive.

If there is such a thing known as Class A Fast Food Chain, then Triple Os must be it. I can’t imagine a minimum wage worker dining at Triple Os for his lunch. And I can’t also imagine someone celebrating his birthday with 10 of his friends. I think there are better places with better food choices.

Before I had the chance to take a bite of their famous burgers, in my mind, Triple Os sauce must be the extra bills that you paid for. Or perhaps, the customer experience was worth paying for.

You have to keep your receipt, by the way. They don’t have number stands available yet, or beepers. But they’ll serve you your food.

Triple Os Bestseller: MONTY MUSHROOM BURGER – P400

Triple os manila Philippines

Funny that my photo of their burger was exactly on top of the placemat, like a pop-up.

Triple os manila Philippines

There was no doubt about it. Topped with the signature pickled dill, Triple Os bestseller Monty Mushroom was humongous. It was the biggest burger I have ever eaten and the thickest, hardest to eat ever. I suggest you ask the waitstaff the slice in half. Best if you share it with another person and order another burger so you can get a chance to try bits of everything.

I observed, foreigners flocked the place. One big Caucasian guy was served with incorrect orders.

I sat beside a table of four old Asian-looking ladies as they try to eat nearly everything in Triple Os menu. They spoke in Cantonese, but I understood what they were saying. They found the burgers bland and lacking in taste and compared it from the ones in Hong Kong. They had Original Burgers only and mine already had the mushrooms on it.

Triple os manila Philippines

I tried tasting the burger by itself but it was slightly under-flavored. Sure I have no problems with the thickness of the burger and that it was 100% Canadian beef. I knowingly tried to ask for more Triple Os secret sauce from the waitstaff to find out how amiable they were as the burger badly needed this sauce. The buns surprisingly weren’t brioche buns and were just fluffy and airy. Balanced? Sure there were triple O-O-O mushrooms. I really liked the cheese. But for a restaurant chain trying to fit the taste to the local market, the burger should have been saltier. I still prefer Shake Shack’s burger and for the local ones, Chili’s Old Timer was a cheaper, more delicious alternative that doesn’t falter.

Triple os manila Philippines

Triple Os Top Secret Special Sauce was a bit of a salsa and mayonnaise mix for me. I think it cuts between you want something creamy or acidic, which was ok for me.

Beware, people, the Monty Mushroom should pack extra pounds for you. This gigantic big mouth burger has 974 calories. Yeah maybe that was another thing that Triple O’s stood for. Pounds? Triple O-O-O.

UPGRADE: Triple Os Strawberry Milkshake and Onion Rings

Triple os manila Philippines

Having tried Shake Shack’s Chocolate Milkshake in Cambridge and New York, Triple Os was a curiosity for me. It was definitely less thicker and with the whipped cream on top, it made the consistency milder and easier to shake and stir. I liked it. But yeah, my P400 burger meal turned into P500 as I had to add P100 for the upgrade. So much for a fast food type of joint.

Triple os manila Philippines

And since I would like to try Triple Os uniquely stacked, legendary Onion Rings, I had my fries upgraded to Onion Rings too. (You can choose to upgrade to Sweet Potato Fries also.) But there was nothing out of the ordinary. Just onions fried in breading. Of course, I used Triple Os Top Secret Sauce as a dip instead of the tartar sauce. So my bill shoot up to P570.00. Burger, onion rings and milkshake. My Shake Shack bill was only at P517.50.

Triple O’s at Its First Day of Operation

Since it was just their first day of operation, I couldn’t really criticize them for hit and misses.

Like approaching the counter for my order and nobody wanted to take my order, or I had to call their attention.

Or asking for some iced water because the milkshake made me thirsty, and telling me they don’t serve any house water which I didn’t complain. Maybe they were making a profit from every drop they could sell ~ but took it back and a waiter gave me one, while the four old ladies stare at me since they ordered four mineral water bottles.

Or maybe sitting at a table that was wobbling at the base of the aluminum table stand and I was expecting the restaurant’s brick and mortar to be spick and span, sturdy and NEW.

Or noticing customers’ tables left unclean and only was being cleaned when someone has already sat on it. No, these are not definitely default matters customers expect at a newly opened restaurant.

If this was Diner Dash, game over.

Triple Os, Manila, Philippines Rating:

Taste and Originality:2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)
Customer Experience:2 out of 5 stars (2.0 / 5)
Value for Money:2 out of 5 stars (2.0 / 5)
Brick and Mortar:2 out of 5 stars (2.0 / 5)
Average:2.1 out of 5 stars (2.1 / 5)