Travel Guide: Where to Eat in Macau

Move over Las Vegas. Macau is perhaps this decade’s most popular gaming destination in the world with millions of tourists everyday visiting the still-developing region. (Yes, construction is still ongoing!) Accessible by air and the convenient ferries such as Cotai Jet, Macau is one of the easiest places to travel in.

From the Sands Casino, to Galaxy Macau, to the most populated casino-resort The Venetian, you will need more than a day to savor the shimmering lights of the Cotai Strip and cross over to the other side of Macau where you can find Wynn and Grand Lisboa and other tourist spots such as Ruinas de Sao Paolo (The Ruins of St. Paul) and the Senado Square.


But Macau is more than just a gaming destination. It’s a growing food haven with iconic eats that Macau is well-known for. And with its rich history being a Portuguese colony, Macanese cuisine has definitely evolved into more than just local cuisine. It’s now an identity of its own that can compete with global cuisines. It’s got to be more than just Portuguese egg tarts.

I’ll help you cut to the chase and save your time in this special feature.

Guide on Where to Eat in Macau

O Santos Comida Portuguesa Taipa

Location: 20 Rua da Cunha, Vila de Taipa, Macau
Candid Cuisine Review:

Where to eat in Macau? Find European cuisine in Macau in this East meets West authentic Portuguese restaurant, O Santos Comida Portuguesa. If you’re thinking of an afternoon snack, try to come in before 3pm or the kitchen is in for a siesta.

Portuguese Egg Tarts at Choi Heong Yuen

Location: Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

Where to Eat in Macau

There’s a lot of Portuguese egg tarts in Macau. But hold your horses and don’t get too excited. Not all carts serve hot and melt-in-your-mouth Portuguese egg tarts. My recommendation? Head to the Venetian’s _____ where they serve hot Portuguese egg tarts that can get sold out quickly. And take note, this is way better than Lord Stow’s Bakery.

Tai Lei Loi Kei

Location: Rua de Cunha, Vila de Taipa, Macau SAR, China

Where to Eat in Macau

More than just Portuguese egg tarts, Macau has addicting street food and Tai Lei Loi Kei’s pork chop buns is on top of the list. Where to eat in Macau when you’re hungry and you’re constrained in time? Where else can you find large cuts of pork chop steak stuffed in a bun but in Tai Lei Loi Kei. It’s a quick fix that’s bound to make your stomach happy.

Cafe Deco

Location: The Venetian Casino and Resort

Where to Eat in Macau: Cafe Deco

Where to Eat in Macau: Cafe Deco

The perks of checking in at The Venetian allows you to have complimentary breakfast buffet at Cafe Deco. The choices are extremely health conscious yet delicious and fulfilling, so you don’t have to worry counting calories. Don’t worry, you can also walk in here for MOP350 per person.

Curry Monster

Location: Old Taipa Village

Where to Eat in Macau

Think Macau is all about hole-in-a-wall restaurants? Curry Monster breaks this barrier and is a food chain that is practically in both sides of Macau. Curry Monster serves popular curry sets that are designed not to put a dent in your travel budget ~ Get two rice bowls topped with Unagi and Tonkatsu below MOP50.

Ocean Empire, Food Court

Location: The Sands Macao, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

Where to Eat in Macau

Where to Eat in Macau

In the mood for hot Chinese congee? Ocean Empire has probably the best heartwarming congee. But that’s not all. If you’re a fan of Deep Fried Bread Stick and Sesame Bao, these are perfect for your bowl of congee, or simply eat them ala carte with sugar for a quick snack.

Cafe Chong Sam

Location: Rua de Cunha, Old Taipa Village
Candid Cuisine Review:

Where to Eat in Macau

Your trip won’t be complete without braised noodles. And you can find the cheapest pig skin braised noodles or wonton noodle soup at Cafe Chong Sam located at Old Taipa Village. Bring your own paper napkins because they charge each by MOP2.

Old Taipa Village

Location: Rua de Cunha, Taipa

Where to Eat in Macau

Skip the pastry and delicacy shops at hotels and head straight to the Old Taipa Village for authentic and rock-bottom prices. You can save up to MOP50 at this town. Don’t forget the flossy pork egg rolls, flossy salmon egg rolls, pork and beef jerky by the kilo and almond cookies that’s so abundant everywhere.

So now you know where to eat in Macau. Leave some thoughts below if you know any good spots!