Wild Honey, Scotts Square Singapore

wild honey singapore 1

Address: 6 Scotts Road #03-01, Scotts Square, 228209
Scotts Square Menu
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00am – 8:30pm

Update May 16, 2022

I decided to come back to Wild Honey to try out their other dishes, and surprisingly the Reuben tasted amazing. There was less salt now which made it absolutely delicious IMO. (I honestly am loving the new legislation aimed to curb sodium intake among Singaporeans.)

We tried other favorites too including the popular English breakfast.

And the Valrhona hot chocolate was divine. This one is a great alternative for Angelina’s hot chocolate. (They seem to be running out of stock recently.)

Mexican burrito took me back to San Antonio, Texas where I would always have breakfast tacos…

And I call Parisienne the best savory french toast in the island.

Great with a cup of flat white, I’d say.

Wild Honey, Scotts Square Singapore

I was going to rave about Wild Honey after a first bite of their Reuben sandwich but after my stomach has had time digesting the sandwich, I was no longer impressed. Wild Honey has two branches in Singapore, one in Scotts Square and one in Mandarin Gallery. Expect to spend three dollar signs at Wild Honey. If you ask me if Wild Honey is worth the buck, not really.

While it has the better sandwich among Prive and Providore, Wild Honey’s international-themed dishes make it attractive. Norwegian, Greek, Tunisian – your palate travels around the world with so much diversity in one meal. I did notice plenty ordered European at their Scotts Square branch, but two key items on the menu caught my eye: Delancey and NY Smoked Fish and Bagels Platter. Delancey sounded like a ripoff from Katz Deli, the latter having its Pastrami institution in LES (and how much I loved it) and NY Bagels sounded like… Ok, let me put it this way. As a New Yorker, I would never, ever get bagels outside of Greater New York City Area (my favorite being the 24/7 Smiths Bagel pride on Smiths Street in Brooklyn or even New Jersey (which has the best everything bagel in Hoboken). A couple sitting beside me decided to share a platter which consisted of a medley of cream cheese, onions, capers, salmon and smoked salmon plus two sesame bagels. I can already tell that it was going to give the couple quite a jawbreaker.

Reuben and Fries – SGD 26 ++

I’ve had my fair share of expensive eggs for brunch, so I settled for the Reuben, which was only available in their Scotts Square branch. My fries drizzled with artificial cheddar cheese powder (or it tasted like it) plus my Reuben packed with sauerkraut was quite a meat fest. Great to know that the rye was chewable, so I was a happy camper. But it needed more acidity. Something to cut through the saltiness. The dill pickle did very little. Got myself an iced cold brew to quench my thirst but as I finished my sandwich, I slowly felt thirst building up. I need water.

wild honey singapore 1

wild honey singapore 1

Iced Cold Brew – SGD 6.50++

wild honey singapore 3

20 minutes after my meal, I felt how much sodium I had – which was alarming. You kinda know when you’ve eaten something bad. That was when I realized everything was too salty. I had to postpone blogging about this to down 2 liters of water after feeling sluggish and mentally dehydrated. Sodium is bad for your health. And so was this meal. My brain was running 2 miles per minute thinking about why I suddenly lost my appetite for anything – bubble tea, sushi, ramen – virtually any food was a no-no for me after this meal. I literally want to throw up the meal I ate.

I will probably return to Wild Honey for a different dish, but if everything is salty again – that’s it. Goodbye Wild Honey.

P.S. Here’s what to do when you have consumed way too much sodium

P.P.S. I think I need to try two more brunch places in Singapore before I declare it’s such a ridiculous culture that offers no good food.