All Hail The Chairman, San Francisco’s Best Food Truck!

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Location: 670 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Email: catering@chairmansf.com
Telephone Number: +1 415-813-8800
Restaurant Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm | Sunday 11:30am-7:00pm
Official Website: www.hailthechairman.com
Facebook: The Chairman Truck
Twitter: @chairmantruck
Instagram: chairmantruck
The Chairman Menu

All Hail The Chairman, San Francisco’s Best Food Truck!

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Oh San Francisco, the land of food trucks – most especially, The Chairman. Have some respect for San Francisco Magazine’s #1 Food Truck in the City! Next to Senor Sisig, The Chairman is a staple anyone looking to hit the best food trucks in San Francisco.

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A former executive chef at Bar Charlie in Las Vegas, Chef Hiroo Nagahara is the brains behind The Chairman. As the food truck best known to have broken the boundaries between brick and mortar stores to mobile gastronomy, The Chairman food truck leads the revolution in spreading the word about Asian food – bold flavors, fast service and consistent cuisine.

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It’s worth noting that food trucks aren’t all about the food, but the design of the food truck can make or break the food truck. Luckily for The Chairman, veteran DC Comics artist (and well other brands such as Prada and ESPN) James Jean designed the truck’s fire red, oriental theme. Much love to the design.

Chairman Bao San Francisco food truck

Tender Pork Belly Buns

To the newbies, Tender Pork Belly Buns serve as a starter for you to orient yourself with their signature dish. With natural red miso glaze, Turmeric Pickled Daikon and Green Shiso, the Pork Belly Buns put Ippudo’s steamed pork buns to shame. The pork is incredibly tender, flavorful and makes no room for you to just get a single order.

You have to order another one.

Coca Cola Braised Pork Buns

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A notch higher, Coca Cola Braised Pork Buns is the BOMB. For the adventurous, Coca Cola Braised Pork Buns is your next dish to order. I love the Garlic Mayo drizzled over the pork buns, because there’s the garlicky tang you won’t find in the original pork belly buns. The Coca Cola flavors don’t overpower. It simply complements the tender pork and makes it one of their best selling dish.

Miso Cured Tofu Buns

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To vegans, the Miso Cured Tofu Buns are a relief when in doubt to jump onboard The Chairman hype. I love how the texture mimics turnip cake, which makes it Asian dimsum in nature. And who doesn’t want Baby Choy Sum on their buns?! Choy Sum vegetable is a staple to Asian fusion.

At their restaurant in Larkin Street (to those who are familiar with this neighborhood, best come here during daylight), they serve rice bowls with a choice of your meat, such as the Tender Pork Belly, Coca Cola Braised Pork, Tofu, Tempeh and Spicy Chicken.

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If you want to start your food trip right, The Chairman’s food truck shouldn’t be left out of your bucket list.

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