Chipotle Mexican Grill

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL: Best Burritos, Sofritas and Tacos #BostonStrong

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CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL is your McDonald’s for burritos, tacos and mexican dishes without the M (though the latter fully owning it in 2006). Since its first ever branch in Denver Colorado, near the University of Denver back in 1993, Chipotle is arguably the most popular fast food chain restaurant spanning across the United States, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany with over 1000 branches.

For me, this is worth the 1000 calories packed in a single meal.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

The Chipotle Story and Menu

Steve Ells story

Steve Ells, founder and CEO, started this chain with the thought that fast food restaurant doesn’t have to be a typical fast food joint. The chain seeks better ingredients by making sure these are organic, and naturally raised with respect to how animals are being treated, raised and nurtured.

Whether it be for a graduation party or at their fast food truck or one of their flagship branches in their headquarters at Denver, Colorado, Chipotle delivers the meanest burrito I ever had, that puts other brands to shame.

The price of each burrito depends on what you pack in it: cilantro rice, lime rice, pinto or black beans, guacamole, sour cream, steak, chicken, sofritas, carnitas, salsa and cheese all wrapped in a chewy flour tortilla.

chipotle mexican grill

Carnitas Burrito – $6.50

chipotle mexican grill

My friend got the carnitas burrito, at a mild spicy level. The serving is really huge!

Chicken Burrito – $7.90

As for me, I got a chicken burrito stuffed with sour cream, cilantro rice, black beans and cheese ~ tempted to add some guacamole but it’s going to cost me more pounds so I decided to just skip this. And of course, made mine extra spicy for an additional kick plus salsa.

chipotle mexican grill

I love the mix of sour cream and cheese and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The flour tortilla is even better. I can’t imagine getting a burrito bowl and skipping the tortilla!

You can also choose to have a burrito bowl, and minus the calories of the flour tortilla.

Other Chipotle bestsellers include crispy tacos, soft tacos and even a kid’s tray with quesadillas and tacos that makes it very fun for the hungry youth.

Overall I like how Chipotle is simple and delivers great mexican dishes though the prices can go a bit expensive for a burrito. But for once in a while, Chipotle should surely be one of your choices in your cheat day.

Download the Chipotle App in iTunes!

Yes, Chipotle has their very own iOS app where you can order online and experiment with your burritos and check the total price after adding all the ingredients. Keep in mind you can only use the app when you’re in the location where there are branches.

chipotle ordering app

chipotle ordering app


[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 4” “Customer Experience: 3.5” “Value for Money: 3” “Brick and Mortar: 3”]