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Dhaulagiri Kitchen NYC

Location: 124 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016; 37-38 72nd Street, Broadway, Maspeth
Opening Hours: Sunday 11:00am – 12:00am, Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 2:00am
Telephone Number: (917) 675-7679
Facebook: Dhaulagiri Kitchen

Dhaulagiri Kitchen Menu

dhaulagiri kitchen menu

Dhaulagiri Kitchen NYC

When I started Candid Cuisine, the name speaks for itself. Cultures are intertwined with cuisines and tell a lot of stories. Japanese people value alone time and therefore that is the purpose of ramen, yakitori and the revered Omoide Yokocho alley in Shinjuku. Filipinos love to congregate, enjoy and have a good time, therefore there lies the abundant rice and the value of sharing among people, even though they are not part of your family.

I met a classmate of mine who is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal here in NYC. (and yes, I’ve gone back to school simply because learning doesn’t end when you graduate and we have to learn without ceasing.) He shares that Nepalese cuisine lies in the nexus between Indian and Chinese cuisine. I was excited to eat Buffalo Momo’s and platters that gives a sneak peek of how generous the culture is despite of the country’s economic struggles.

Buffalo Momo’s – $7

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Momo’s are like Xiao Long Bao’s, in my opinion, but we ordered Buffalo Momo’s for a kick. While these aren’t filled with soup, the dumplings are substantial in texture, tastier and meatier. The huge portion tells a story that even though Nepalese cuisine is enjoyed in NYC, the cuisine remains authentic as it is.

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Three sauces in varying degrees of spiciness intrigues me. I go for the medium, thicker achars as it gives an interesting dimension to the Momo’s. Dangstel, a Tibetan spicy vinaigrette Radish and Carrot Salad, garnishes the Momo’s like mad.

Beef / Chicken Sukuti – $12

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Platters known as “Nepali Thali”, on the other hand, were phenomenal. My friend shares that in Nepal, the sides will always be offered bottomless, meaning, you can ask for more sides if you want. Traditional ones like chickpeas, the main chicken or beef dish, plus carrots, onions, papad and my personal favorite the Karela, surround the basmati rice for effect.

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Karela is fried bittergourd and I can’t wrap my head around it. Why does it have to taste so addicting?! It’s healthy, bound to lower your blood sugar and keep you healthy. As I write, I crave for one right now.

What have I learned from Nepalese cuisine? It’s generous. The fact that a minority cuisine thrives so well in Lexington Avenue in Manhattan and Jackson Heights in Queens shows that possibility that Nepalese cuisine has the potential to go global. Why couldn’t it put itself on the map? It most certainly deserves a spot.

I’d like to see a Michelin star Nepalese restaurant one day. One day.

Dhaulagiri Kitchen Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 4.5” “Customer Experience: 3.5” “Value for Money: 3” “Brick and Mortar: 3.5”]