Downtown Providence, Rhode Island in a Day: Photo Diary

Downtown Providence, Rhode Island in a Day: Photo Diary

Downtown Providence is a small town, and it’s so cute you can roam around the city in a day. Here, I went with a couple of my friends to explore trinket shops, Howard Lovecraft’s novels and just being wanderlusters. I compiled this photo diary to share with you and I hope you enjoy the beautiful city.

Brown University. I know, it’s another Ivy League school. They are well-known for individualized studies, where you can create your own program to suit your specialization. Amazing, right? I think the people here are so friendly too.

Brown University

The place is kind of deserted. I know.

RISD – the country’s top design school. It stands for Rhode Island School of Design. I once had a professor who got his masters degree here. Interestingly, there were a lot of Koreans enrolled here when I visited.

So we drove to Newport to eat some New England seafood dishes… Until I was so disappointed with their lobster roll compared to the one I had in Quincy Market in Boston. The downtown scene in Newport was also very much deserted.

And until you freeze your hands, you’ll realize, Rhode Island is such a sleepy state at -9 to -11 degrees. So everyone just stays indoors.

We just spent the night playing board games at our Airbnb. It was incredibly freezing outside.

But yeah, this isn’t the coldest winter I’ve had. I’ve been to NY where I couldn’t grab food outside because my fingers would fall off at -17 degrees celcius, where my cup of hot chocolate literally gone to ice. Yep. This is life in the East Coast.