Summers at DUMBO Flea Market, Brooklyn

Summers at DUMBO Flea Market, Brooklyn

During the summer, locals in NYC flock to DUMBO, simply because of its picturesque view or to walk the 40-min walk in Brooklyn Bridge. Well, not in summer. It’s way too humid and scorching hot. So in the summer, it’s not just the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, or going kayaking at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Locals come here on weekends to go vintage.

If you’re a fan of flea markets, the Flea Market has some intricate and exotic collections. Or if you are just like me, enjoying the view, playing photographer, it’s an afternoon well spent (when sometimes there is literally nothing to do in NYC).

Blue Marble ice cream sometimes shows up on a rare occasion. I would try it out! It’s definitely one of the best ice cream in NYC.

When you’re parched, there’s Usagi NY at Plymouth, one of those rare minimalist Japanese coffee shops and galleries that serve authentic matcha latte. It’s popular among locals who work in startups in DUMBO. If you didn’t know, DUMBO is quite popular among Japanese travelers so you’ll see quite a community in this neighborhood.

Try to stay here at night, and you’ll see how the skyline changes from sunny to humid and twinkling. I can’t decide whether DUMBO is better in the morning or at night.

Sometimes, it can get scary. When I took my friend around, he once asked if I was scared getting around. I used to live here in this neighborhood and if you don’t know the sketchy areas, it can get scary. But that’s just how DUMBO is. There’s character.

I took this photo at West Elm, a furniture shop near Main Street and Front Street in DUMBO. Just use Google Maps to navigate if you’re not familiar with this area.

I had these plate of Cavatelli at Atrium right on Main Street. Can’t say I’m a fan of it. I would skip this.

Have you been to DUMBO? Share your experiences!